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The Nightmare Beast of ANNIHILATION

Okay, that monster deserves its own damn movie! Some Horror fans loved ANNIHILATION and some found it a bit too much of an acquired taste, but nobody with any sensibility can argue against the effectiveness of the film’s true star, the monster bear. For those who haven’t seen ANNIHILATION, there’s this thing—actually more of a place—called “the Shimmer” which is sorta like a gigantic alien blender wherein living things gets broken down to their molecules and then the DNA gets remixed. That’s how you get a bear-like creature with a human skull poking out through its mangy fur and human teeth in its mouth alongside its bruin fangs. It is a true nightmare figure. I’d put it right up alongside the Beast from BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF in terms of its visceral visual potency.

The monster, by the way, is named “Dexter.” You can learn more about him, and see more of him, via this behind-the-scenes video.

Give Dexter his own movie, dammit! And give him an action figure while you’re at it! (Come to think of it, the Beast from BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF never got an action figure, either. Hmm. Maybe they could make a movie wherein the two monsters fight. It wouldn’t make a lick of sense, plot-wise, but I’d watch it. Wouldn’t you?)

The Evil Cheezman • June 19, 2018

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