The New Werewolf on Being Human UK is Impressing all the Right People

Soooo cute! Robson Green is a werewolf character on Being Human UK, McNair, not to be confused with the jerk character in SyFy’s new werewolf drama, taking place in their version of Being Human. His character a little more complex; there’s more going on at this point, more ally-issues, and possible unity torn asunder through romance and bromance, that kind of thing. The complex drama that McNair’s character faces is really more or less, how he’ll ever fit in with the bizarre crowd currently sharing one roof. Not to mention, McNair’s own family, and how they’ll impact the situation. But that’s okay, because Robson Green, McNair in the show, can face up to the emotional rummaging of the script, and the stress that comes with a big time role like this, because his son says it’s cool.

UK’s the Sun magazine, has all the details in an in-depth conversation with McNair about his role on Being Human, and the effect it’s had on his personal life and family:

Green says his werewolf role in Being Human made him cool for the first time – with his son.

The actor said ten-year-old Taylor had never liked any of his numerous TV appearances.

But that all changed when he took him to see the new BBC3 series being filmed.

Robson, 46, told TV Biz: “My son watched it. There is a bit too much bad language and gore in it as he is ten, but he loved it and went, ‘Dad, that’s cool, really cool’.

“He has never been a fan of anything else I have done!”

The actor needed five hours in make-up to transform into his character McNair, but the finished result got the thumbs-up from his lad. “I brought some of the make-up stuff back home so he wasn’t scared. He put the teeth in and I showed him the pictures of it. It was fascinating to watch him.”

Taylor even got to be assistant director for a day, telling his dad to get in position for the next scene.

Robson said: “He was calling, ‘Stand by everybody’. At one point he told me, ‘Get it right, take seven’.”

But Robson is not keen for his son to follow him into acting. He said: “Deep down I hope he becomes a scientist and gets to accept a Nobel prize.”

The Geordie lost two stone for his role in Being Human – which sees him take centre stage in Sunday’s episode. He will also return to our screens later in the year in Waterloo Road as a love interest for Amanda Burton. Robson says he can now face sex scenes on the BBC drama with confidence – thanks to having had a personal trainer.”

I think it’s awesome that we won’t have to miss Robson Green for too long on BBC before he’s back in another feature; this could even be his open door to a film, or more lucrative acting jobs, that really allow his unique personality some more airtime. Not to mention the fact that it’s unbearably cute for his son to be so interested in his career. Also cool, is his dad being so determined that Green Jr. makes it into a good career, especially since acting is such a hard sell these days, when Hollywood claims to have its hands full already, what with all those sparkly vampires and giant huskies taking over the supernatural movie jobs. Anyway, here’s a toast to more werewolves on BBC, and may they keep on comin’.

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  1. Sweet… gotta look for the UK addition. I’ve been enjoying the SyFy version and I think most of it has to do with coming in on a series from the beginning and not feeling lost like I did coming in over half way on 2nd Season for BBC.

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