THE NEW MUTANTS Is Coming To Theaters. Some People Aren’t Happy About It.

This dude writing for Bloody Disgusting has finally tipped his hand. This same guy has been telling us for weeks, assuring us, in fact, that movie theaters won’t reopen in 2020. That there won’t be any new movies released in 2020. He claims to take no pleasure in being the bearer of such news. He has been so certain. But movie theaters *are* planning to reopen. THE NEW MUTANTS is set to release on August 28th. UNHINGED is ready to roll out the weekend prior. The official opening day for AMC theaters is August 20th. Reading the dude’s comments, it sounds more and more like he just doesn’t *want* theaters to reopen. Maybe because he doesn’t want to be proven wrong? Or maybe he’s just motivated by concern for the health of moviegoers. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing an opinion. Xenu knows I do it all the time here and on our sister sites VAMPIRES.COM and DARKNESS.COM. But we gotta be honest about it when we’re doing it. Not that he said that his opinion *wasn’t* just that. But the article was released by the site as a news item. What it really is, is an editorial on a news item. Like I said, nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying, that’s what it is.

I love Bloody Disgusting. It’s one of my favorite sites, one of the ones I visit most frequently. And usually, when somebody editorializes, I’m in agreement with what is being said. And I’m not *not* in agreement this time. I’m not saying that you should go to the theater to see THE NEW MUTANTS or any movie if you don’t feel safe doing so. But I’m not telling you not to, either. Exercise your own best judgment. Will I go see the flick? Yes. Do I believe I can do so with relative safety? Yes. Otherwise I’d be staying my happy ass at home. Will I wear a mask, and stay the mandatory six feet away from other people? Damn straight. Am I happy to see theaters reopening? Damn straight, provided they take reasonable precautions. There’s no way to remove *all* risk. But if reasonable care is exercised, going to see a movie need be no more dangerous than going to the grocery store, which I’ve been doing weekly since the ‘Rona madness began.

Oh, and this article, by the way, is an editorial.

By The Evil Cheezman

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