THE NEW MUTANTS Gets a New Poster and Images

If you’re wondering why I’m writing so much about THE NEW MUTANTS, well, first off, it’s a new movie releasing to theaters. That in and of itself makes it newsworthy. It’s a big flippin’ deal, since movie theaters have been locked up since early spring. Also, it’s a new movie releasing to theaters, the first one in months (to be fair, UNHINGED is set to beat it by a week), and it has a WEREWOLF IN IT. That makes it a double big deal.

The new IMAX poster would seem to seal the deal that the movie really will open nationwide on August 28th. It’s a darn pretty poster, too. I also dig these new images from the film. In the first, Rahne, the film’s werewolf (in her non-lupine form) is being peeped at by the Demon Bear. (There’s a third reason for covering the movie extensively on this site: the Demon Bear.)

In the second image, the Demon Bear has left a message for the non-werewolf character Mirage.

The movie is also noteworthy because it will feature an openly gay relationship between Wolfsbane and Moonstar. The two characters have shared a telepathic link in the comics, so it makes sense that there’d become a romantic element to it.

By The Evil Cheezman

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