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The Necessity of Folklore

Necessary to our shared human history, that is. Necessary to our understanding of ourselves. Necessary to a people’s establishment and maintenance, its common spiritual and psychological identity. It is, along with our recorded histories, the soil in which our cultural roots are sunk, and we will either stand, nourished, or wither and fall dependent on the richness of that soil. We human beings cannot live without our stories, despite what some ridiculous post-modern would-be thinkers would like for us to believe. For such people, the loss of a soul is nothing to be mourned, as they don’t recognize the value, or even the existence, of a soul. Yet we have them, and we share them. “Collective Soul” is more than just a 90s alternative band.

Hear what writer M.R. James had to say on the urgency of preserving our Folklore: “We hear, indeed, of sheeted spectres with saucer eyes…but the context of these striking images eludes us. Here, then, is a problem which has long obsessed me; but I see no means of solving it finally. The aged grandams are gone, and the collectors of folk-lore began their work in England too late to save most of the actual stories which the grandams told. Yet such things do not easily die quite out…”

The problem obsesses me as well. That’s where I find the value in what I do. The medium has changed, yet I like to think I am doing my part to record and preserve our folkloric legacy, right here on this and on our sister sites, every week.

As James said, “…such things do not easily die quite out…” No they don’t. And thank God for it.

The Evil Cheezman • September 28, 2018

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