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The “Nazi” Yeti

Supposedly Hitler thought the Yeti, aka the Abominable Snowman, would provide proof of his theory of Aryan genetic descent. (Actually the Aryans were brown-skinned Indo-Europeans who looked a lot like today’s Middle Easterners. Note the similarities of the two words “Iran” and “Aryan”. Not an accident. Iran literally means “land of the Aryans.”) That’s why he supposedly instructed his boy Heinrich Himmler to send an expedition into Tibet in the 1930s to find proof of the Yeti’s existence. And supposedly they did. A creature described as half bear, half wolf, and half human—you figure that one out—was shot and killed and shipped back to Germany to the taxidermist. Today that specimen still exists. But what is it?

“It” is a damn good gaffe, is what it is. While the complete history of the cadaver is impossible to trace, it’s safe to say that somebody somewhere got a tad creative with it, deciding to make it look more monstrous and alien than it would have otherwise. It has some nasty-looking teeth—that came from a dog. DNA tests on the fur proved conclusively that it was a bear. But the canine DNA extracted from the teeth does not prove that the beast was half canine and half bruin. It proves that somebody at some point inserted dog’s teeth into the bear’s mouth to make it look scarier, along with tweaking the appearance of its muzzle.

The Yeti is on display at the Reinhold Messner Mountain Museum in Italy, if you want to drop in and see it. Stop by the Yak and Yeti Restaurant for a yak meat burger while you’re there.

The Evil Cheezman • October 4, 2018

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