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The Missing Link

Here’s the basic order of evolution, for those of you who weren’t paying attention in high school biology class. It goes from fish to amphibians to reptiles to birds and mammals. Thanks to the JURASSIC PARK movies we all know that dinosaurs evolved into birds. But there was also a point where coldblooded reptiles made the transition to being warmblooded mammals. Kind of a big leap if you think about it. Scientists may have discovered the missing link in that chain. *A* missing link, anyway.

CIFELLIODON WAHKARMOOSUCH (which is actually not as hard to pronounce as you would first think) was literally half reptile and half mammal. It was also only about the size of a housecat, so not that scary. But imagine one the size of a sabertooth tiger. Now we’re talking about a proper monster. There’s no scientific reason why a giant version of CIFELLIODON WAHKARMOOSUCH couldn’t have existed. Prehistory is filled with huge, terrifying monsters like that.

The CIFELLIODON WAHKARMOOSUCH fossil was discovered in Utah, underneath the fossilized foot of a dinosaur. I kid you not. The dinosaur had stepped on it.

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The Evil Cheezman • June 14, 2018

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