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The Mermaid Mummy of Iceland!

Elsewhere this week I wrote about the troubles currently being experienced by Wolf and Ali Mertz, the owners of WOLF’S MUSEUM OF MYSTERY in Saint Augustine, Florida. Despite the strain of financial uncertainties foisted upon them, though, they haven’t let it slow them down, as they continue to bring to the nation’s oldest city and to the Sunshine State a plethora of things bizarre, unique, odd, entrancing, and macabre. The latest case in point is this lovely specimen, the mummified remains of an actual Mermaid, straight from The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik, Iceland. Discovered in 1955, the Mermaid today still looks as fresh as pickled herring.

In Icelandic myth, the ubiquitous mermaid is known as a “saekona.” Mer-MEN have their own separate name, “hafmaour”. (Note that these are English approximations of the words. My keyboard won’t create certain Icelandic letters. Or if it can, I don’t know how to make it do it, and am not interested in spending the requisite hours—for me it would be—learning. So take them as approximations, a’ight?)

Okay, if you INSIST, we can speak of things practical. If you simply MUST believe the specimen on display at Wolf’s is a sideshow gaffe, would you not concede that it is a masterful one?

The Evil Cheezman • September 13, 2018

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