The Many Ways To Become A Werewolf

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a werewolf. We all know the most popular way which involves being bitten by another werewolf. But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are several ways someone was believed to turn into a werewolf. A warning though, many of these ideas came from the middle ages, a time when people believed in most anything, so some things on this list may be a bit ridiculous.

How To Become A Werewolf

  • Being bitten by another werewolf
  • Being scratched or clawed by another werewolf
  • Selling your soul to the devil
  • Wearing an enchanted belt made of wolf skin/fur, known as a wolf-belt
  • Applying a magic salve to one’s body
  • Black magic and witchcraft
  • Eating lycanthropous flowers (white or yellow flowers said to be in the Balkans)
  • Inhaling certain potions
  • Simply wearing an animal’s pelt
  • Placing a real wolf pelt on one’s body and then drinking beer mixed with blood
  • Drinking water from a wolf’s paw print
  • Eating the brains of a wolf
  • Spells and rituals
  • Having sex with a werewolf
  • Eating an unborn fetus
  • Wearing a belt made of the skin of a executed criminal
  • Being cursed by a witch or troll
  • Being born on Christmas Eve
  • Being blasphemous and getting cursed for your sins
  • Genetics (having a werewolf in your family)
  • Drinking from a lycanthropous stream
  • Drinking downstream from wolves
  • Sleeping on a Friday night under the full moon with the moon shining directly on your face
  • Being the seventh son
  • Being a child conceived under a new moon
  • Not going to confession for 10 years
  • Being gruesomely murdered on a full moon
  • Being born on a full moon Friday
  • Tasting human flesh
  • Being chosen by the Native American wolf spirit

Like I said, folks in the middle ages believed in anything. Instead of explaining things with science, they explained it with religion and superstition. So for those that wish to become a werewolf, don’t expect any of these methods to actually work.

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  1. I think me and my sisters are part wolf,every night me and them start acting weird……like wolves
    But like someone said I think we are lycans not werewolves because its every night
    Not just on a full moon

    1. Werewolfs can change at will, all the full moon does is make it hard to control those animal instincts.

    2. this is not a gift this is a curse you can only become a beast through a bite or through unprotected sex with them. you can’t choose this they choose you.they can find you..they can smell you they can sense you. you either accept it. accept the change. Or you can fight it but still this is NOT a life style or something fun u see in the movies. its the mark of the beast it’s not human. not wolf. it’s something different. this will end your life. U will be forever changed.forever marked.

  2. There r demon werewolves, which look more like zombie/mutants than wolves. Then there r the awesome ones, the ones that transform into ACTUAL wolves.

  3. In May on the full moon I looked up at the moon then my back started cramping and I blacked out and woke up in the woods far from my house

  4. I remember one spell that started out: “Spirits of the deep, be kind to me…” I wish I could remember all of it, been looking for the book. It was titled “Werewolves” but can’t remember the author for the life of me!

    1. I found this on another website:
      There are conditions of mind essential to those who would successfully practice these rites. It is necessary that the person desirous of acquiring the property of lycanthropy should be in earnest and a believer in those super-physical powers whose favour he is about to ask. Such an individual must betake himself to a spot remote from the haunts of men. The powers to be petitioned are not to be found promiscuously anywhere. They favour only such waste and solitary places as the deserts, woods, and mountain tops. The locality chosen, the candidate must next select a night when the moon is new and strong. He must then choose a perfectly level piece of ground, and on it at midnight, he must mark, either with chalk or string, a circle of not less than seven feet in radius, and within this, and from the same center, another circle of three feet in radius. Then in the center of this inner circle he must kindle a fire, and over the fire place an iron tripod containing an iron vessel of water. As soon as the water begins to boil the would be lycanthropist must throw into it handfuls of any three of the following substances:
      Note: The substances involved in this ritual have been withheld by The Werewolf Page because of the harm that may caused by obtaining and/or ingesting them.
      While repeating the following incantation:

      “Spirits from the deep, who never sleep, be kind to me.
      Spirits from the grave, without a soul to save , be kind to me.
      Spirits of the trees, that grow upon the leas, be kind to me.
      Spirits of the air, foul and black, not fair, be kind to me.
      Spirits of the dead, that glide with noiseless tread, be kind to me
      Spirits of heat and fire, destruction in your ire, be kind to me.
      Spirits of cold and ice, phantoms of crime and vice, be kind to me.
      Wolves, Vampires, Satyrs, Ghosts!
      Elect of all the devilish hosts!
      I pray you send hither, send hither, send hither
      The great grey shape that makes men shiver!
      Shiver, shiver, shiver!
      Come, come, come!”

      The supplicant then takes off his vest and shirt and smears his body with the magic salve. Then he binds round his loins a girdle made of wolf’s skin, and kneeling down within the circumference of the first circle, waits for the advent of the Unknown. When the fire burns blue and quickly dies out. The Unknown is about to manifest itself; if it does not actually appear it will make its presence felt. The spirit advent may be; a deep unnatural silence immediately proceeding it sometimes, sometimes crashes and bangs, groaning and shrieking, herald its approach. When it remains invisible its presence is indicated and accompanied by a sensation of abnormal cold and the most acute terror. It is sometimes visible in the guise of a huntsman sometimes in the form of a monstrosity, partly man and partly beast, and sometimes it is ill defined and only partially materialized. To what order of spirits it belongs is, of course purely a matter of conjecture. It is some malevolent, super-physical, creative power, such as, participated largely in the creation of theirs and other planets. It is not the Devil. It is difficult to say to what extent. The Unknown is believed to be powerful by those who approach it for the purpose of acquiring the gift of lycanthropy; it is not ascribed to be any supreme power, but is regarded as merely a local spirit, the spirit of some particular wilderness or forest.

      Regarding the New Moon, psychic influences are demonstrated by the position of the planets. For instance, at new moon, cusp of seventh house, and conjoined with Saturn in opposition to Jupiter, sinister super-physical presence’s are much in evidence on the earth.”

  5. how does being gruesomely murdered on a full moon make u werewolf…. seriously wouldn’t u be dead forever

  6. The worst thing is if your a werewolf and you have pouple flowers growing in your yard and there is many kinds there might be wolfs bane growing

  7. READ THIS IS IT IMPORTANT :3 : Guys i have to tell you somethink : A SPELL DOES NOT WORK ! you have to trust on your mind power .. transforming in to a werewolf is not based only mithology but in science : times ago we had fur , but we evolved .. we can make that proces go faster by helping of radioactivity and mind power (details of a wolf ) , but the question is : why people don’t do that : beacause they don’t trust in werewolves and they mind power is to weak . to transform you need help of a real truster (that werewolves exist ) a place (maybe a mountain ) that have alot of radioactivity and light . And another fact : werewolves don’t need moon to transform , moon gives only a little help , don’t trust is moon . Reason why you need radioactivity : remember what happend in japan cause of radioactivity babys changed .AND THE MOST IMPORTANT :IT DOES NOT HAVE RELATION TO DEVIL >:(

  8. i feel the wolf in me and I feel many electric fuses inside me I want to release it the right way help me

    1. The only way to release it is in the 6:00 am go out side and look at the sun and let the sunlight shine on your face then you’ll be freed

  9. I love werewolves and I want to be one I feel just a thin layer of life between me and it I want to express it the right way

  10. recently I’ve been feeling odd, I feel rage boiling deep within me and every time I close my eyes I see a wolf with red timber fur and golden eyes. A few days ago I did a spell and ever since that’s its just rage and the red timber wolf.

    Am I a werewolf?

    please reply..

    1. I know you probably won’t see this, but they do exist in a way. When I was born the way I could stay alive was to get some DNA from another species. I found it was a wolf’s DNA like 2 months ago. I’m 17 so don’t tell me that I’m out of mind. I been through like half transformations but not full. My eyes change color when I get mad and I have extremely sharp teeth naturally. However when I do get mad, I grow claws and have extraordinary strength and speed.

  11. OK where to start many of these methods come straight from legend etc many were made up by superstitious groups so basically you have to pick and choose what you believe in as for the wolf spirit one (native one listed) this is somewhat true and somewhat false i know because my totem/spirit animal(guide) is the wolf this grants me help in my times of need random surges of strength in which i feel really tribal almost like a blood lust but not quite so this happens only when i gain the strength i gain the mental aspects of the wolf when in groups i become a leader when im needed and can tell the strengths of my group(pack) in order to accomplish what needs to be done and to get us or myself threw the challenges we face this comes in two ways either i converse threw my totem with the wolf or the wolf grants me its mind power as well as mine for certain lengths of time so that we do not need to speak but share our thoughts as one. now i’ve always been a fast runner so ive never had need for speed there but my reaction speed and cautiousness occasionally exceeds what i should be able to do this i believe is my spirit the wolf aiding me by either forcefully pushing me or telling my subconscious mind that i need to react. these are ways i’ve been helped by the wolf and as those of you who are native or have spirit guides know you may ask your animal any question but he/she is not guaranteed to answer well mine has told me that there is sadly no way that a spirit guide may transform anyone in modern day because a) we cannot connect to the spirit world as well since our teachings are not as strong as they were in the past an because b) the amount of pollution and industrial plants causing pollution are not only harming us but they are reducing the power of the spirits what we do here affects the spirit world because it is aligned exactly on top of ours like another layer that we cannot reach until death now regarding wolfsbane the legends say that there is two out comes to eating some wolfsbane outcome number one and the most likely is you die because it is extremely poisonous outcome number 2 is that you become a werewolf if your body was strong enough to resist the wolfsbane poison on its own.
    another myth/legend about werewolves is that they do not turn until 16 or 18 (this varies from legend to legend) and some state that in order to turn they must kill someone to awaken the wolf inside them before they turn 18 or else the wolf is forever lost to them and they become a carrier to pass the wolfblood on to the next generations unknowingly i personally wish i could be a werewolf but i feel this is unlikely the best i will ever get is shape shifting to a wolf, having my mind in my spirit wolfs body and running as a spirit wolf (if my spirit guide allows me that is) or if by some miracle of the ancestors and gods one of the ways mentioned on the internet actually work.
    ps lycans are somewhat the same as wolf shifters except they are bigger stronger faster wolves where as werewolves are a cross between man and wolf i personally would prefer to be a shifter rather then were beast but thats my opinion :) hope ive been somewhat helpfull and cleared some things up a bit (in regards to the native thing)
    sincerely your friendly nehiyaw ;


  12. I forgot to mention i am one of the few people i’ve ever heard of that gain energy and feel rejuvenated on full moon nights i also am able to for some reason tell when a full moon night is approaching and when it will be im not 100% accurate in a sense that i can only tell it will happen within the next few days or so of when i get this weird feeling. I also adore the moon its great the full moon anyways and i think this is because me and my spirit have slowly started to become more and more like we are one but yeah sorry my previous message was so tellingly large but some things cant be helped and im one who must always explain in what i consider to be a pretty good way be describing things at more length then most would but yeah hope i helped peace fellow internet dwellers and werewolf/lycan lovers

    1. I’m curious what tribe your from my ancestry is Scandinavian (viking)German Scottish Irish Lakota and Cherokee my spirit guide is also the wolf but also the raven and what you’ve stated here is very similar to my own case were whats known as astral werewolves

  13. Well, here are some steps for you to become a werewolf
    1. If you live in a town with a forest, go there at 8:00. (REMINDER: you have to bring a weapon. A wolf will kill you.)
    2. Then, if you live in America, you should sit on a tree stump. Then wait for a wolf to bite you. Then kill the wolf! (REMINDER: you also have to bring a band aid. You have to let any part of your body stop bleeding.)
    3. Tommorow, at 12:00, your transformation will begin. I don’t know where the transformation starts. (REMINDER: becareful, because the transformation is painful.)

    Good luck! :)
    Sincerly, Z

  14. Here are many ways for you to become a werewolf:
    1. Being bitten, schratched or accidently swallowed a wolf’s salyva
    2. Being cursed or wounded by a wolf, a witch or a troll
    3. Going to camp and accidently bitten or schratched by a wolf at 12:00
    4. Going to camp and looking directly in the moon facing you

    More ways of becoming a werewolf visit my website at http://Ibelivealotofthingsthatstillexsistbutnobodyknows
    Sincerly, Z

  15. I belive in werewolf because, my classmate said, ” who ever gets bitten by a wolf. They become a werewolf.” I want to become a werewolf on halloween to scare everyone out. Hahahahaha!
    Sincerly, Z

  16. Well, I try 1 spell and I don’t know if it will work tommorow.

    1. Look in the full moon for 1 hour.
    2. Then, while doing that, you should think of a wolf. EXAMPLE: white wolf, brown wolf, black wolf and grey wolf.
    3. Then, on the next day, you will become a werewolf.

  17. I dont know who i can really trust fuck u all who say are werewolf or … cause U dont know what a werewolf is!!!!!!!(just like me)

  18. I believe the last one works. I am Part-Wolf for certain. And I was chosen by the wolf as my sprit-guide. I say you can believe what you want to believe though.

  19. I was born on a full moon and I have always woken up in the woods like every night every year I get older and my were wolf senses grow stronger so if ur a were wolf than EVERYTIME u grow older ur were wolf senses will get stronger

  20. Hey I was wondering if the going into the woods one works because I really want to become one because it might help with my human body besides I already stare at the moon growl when I’m angry and sometimes drink out of fountains with my tongue so if the forest method works please tell me

  21. Just wanna remind you that Sept. 9 is full moon. I did the spell on noon, but did not work. So that’s why I’m gonna do it on Sept. 9.

  22. Trust me. You do not want to be a werewolf. Trust me. It’s a true curse and could turn you into a killer of innocent people

  23. When me and my mom was driving my friends to school, I look at the full moon in the morning and feel something strange. My body start hurting a bit. Not really, sort of. I was about to tell my mom, but I did not. Because she would say”you are becoming a werewolf, Zhey!” Look in full moons and you will start feeling what I’m feeling.

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  24. I made this spell up.” Moon, moon please hear me. My wolf self is calling you. Saying my real body shall turn into a wolf. Moon, moon please hear me.” Do you get it? If you don’t, I’ll bite you. I’m not a werewolf!!

  25. every full moon I feel the urge to run to transform in to the wolf . I believe that there is a wolf in all of us . the moon makes me feel strange sometimes I feel a burst of rage an other times I want to howl

  26. I cant transform but I have massive anger explosion under the full moon I almost killed my dog bitting him in the neck I know that not normal my whole life learning about new stuff and new exotic animals but when it came down to wolves I knew something familiar about them and it was my first time seen a wolf it felt like I’ve lived another life before I even get dreams about running on all fours the wind on my face but when I woke up I woke up in the park near a basketball court my mom said I was sleep walking and I don’t think so and I was searching and the only person who would sleep walk is if they blacked out so I kept searching till I found werewolf and am not even normal cause of my blood DNA in my genes I have XYY notmal people have at least XY or XXY but not me.. My Symptoms Are ( ANGER-NOT SCARED OF PEOPLE DIEING OR PEOPLE GETTING KILLED SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE EATING SOMEONES HEART I even feel like I’ve tasted it before but I just want to know if there is anyone like me ADD ME on IMVU my name is Werewolfmaster18 – my real name is mike and am 18 years old so if you you wana be friends that’s great if you going to try to heart me you don’t want know what I can do to a human if threatned…..

  27. hey im Courtney im 14 and I wanted to be a werewolf it hasn’t worked no spells worked I tried everything and I studied for 2 years. plz help me if possible

    1. Dig up an executed criminal and make a belt from their skin. This may not make you into a werewolf, but, if you can stomach/get away with this, you’re well on your way.

      Werewolves are just our way of explaining seriel killers before Jack the Ripper.

    2. It’s either you’re cursed by a witch, or suffering from such a curse down the family lines or you sustain a wound by werewolf.

    1. Howl i am18 and I tried it worked I can bite peaple if you want I’m a female wolf its So pretty in the dark

      1. 1. Can u really bite people in turn them in to a werewolf bc I really want to be one I want to Be a beta

        2. Can I like grow my fangs and make my eyes do the color to work and can still use my nos and ears to sence and to hear even when I’m not in wolf form

        3. Can I like grow my fangs and make my eyes do the color and make my claws work and use my ears and my nose to sence and hear with out even being in wolf form

        Plzz text me back but can u plzz text me on kik or snapchat or instagram
        My Kik is tracilee1234
        My snapchat is traci_lee6
        My Instagram is x_xtracileex_x

  28. Lycanthropy18 I think our symptoms are similar or even the same and I’m only 15 and these symptom are tearing me to shreds.
    My symptoms is anger(like anger I want to rip someones throat out when im angry),visions(everytime I close my goddamn eyes I see wolves and it just gets better I hear a voice saying things like this ‘you cant escape your true nature.

  29. I’ve been feeling strange lately, and most of my symptoms match with the so-said symptoms of being a werewolf. But as far as I know of, I’ve never shifted. Not sure if I really am one or not, but I want to be one. Can someone help me by just saying their own experiences? Thanks.

  30. Would, say, sleeping under a blood moon turn someone into a werewolf?
    Saying with no contact with existing werewolves, I’ve already lost hope on that.

  31. Hi.. Im Jay(full name is Jaylanie) and im 14 years old.. Ive always liked wolves and the moon.. I dknt know, its just that theres something with wolves that makes me like them so much.. Their just so beautiful and i dont even know how to explain it.. And the moon, when i look at it.. I feel its looking back at me and I feel so alive when i look at it.. If feel like the real me.. It makes me feel comfortable and its just so beautiful.. I recently just started wanting to turn into a werewolf.. But i dont know what are the risks.. I dont know if all this is going to work.. I dont know if i should try.. I just need information.. I want to turn into a werewolf because i think it will be amazing.. I could be my self not caring what others think.. I think it will be so peaceful getting away from all the people.. I never liked people although im one.. I never had a best friend or a friend that i can really trust or relate.. My parents think im a disappointment and want me to do what they say ALWAYS.. They dont say it but i know they do.. They think im going to drop out because they are always telling me to stay on school and focus on it.. If i tell my brother something he will tell my parents.. He is super annoying despite the fact that he is older than me.. I cant trust anyone.. I have always seen the world differently.. I just want to go out and explore and enjoy fresh air.. But i cant.. Because my parents dont let me go anywhere alone.. And thats why i want to become a werewolf.. Because i think it will give me freedom and it will just be amazing.. But i dont know if im right.. Thats why i need information.. I need to know if all this is true.. Because if its not i just look crazy thinking it real.. Im wasting my time.. And if time is life then im wasting my life thinking werewolfs are real.. Someone PLEASE HELP.. And be straight up.. DONT BE FAKE.. Im really serious.. And if you think im a child then youre totally wrong.. I know more than people think.. I think different.. Im different.. I can feel it..

    1. I know what you mean and I have felt like a draw or connection to wolves. They have always been on my mind and since I was little I have always had something with a wolf on let it be a blanket or a stuffed animal. Once I got older I realized that I was full blooded Northern Cheyenne and that kinda explained things itself, I thought maybe their was just some spiritual connection with a wolf or wolves in general. I remember one night I went outside this is when I stilled lived in Montana and I heard the wolves howling and they sounded so powerful or hurt like maybe they were looking for someone or somthing and eventually my brother came out and he told me to come inside but as Ive gotten older I have read more and studied wolves and werewolf legends and it crazy but if you read the Twilight books the legends are actually real because the Quiluete tribe has believed and had descendents of wolves and I lived in Ocean Shores, Washington and when we would drive to Aberdeen or Quinault I would always see the reservation and hear stories. Im soo confused and could use some help every day I feel like the urge to know more is unbearable almost like a piece is missing and I just need somthing to trigger it becasuse when I get angry or really sad I can feel somthing inside of me ready to come out but I havnt been made enought to just let it out and I feeel myself thinking about it all the time its all confusing and I would love to know if you have the same feelings because I kinda feel like Im the only one and Im sure Im not crazy…. Maybe Idk btw I, 15 and it keeps on like just getting easier to think of and idk act like a wolf

      1. I also start to grow but its not some like little gay sounding growl but like a deeep throaty growl idk it is weird and for some reason I find myself talking to dogs and idk maybe it normal but idk

      2. all my life I have felt the same way! I don’t know what to do with it (I’m a girl from sweden and I’m 16) its driving me crazy. I want too run, and i have felt this weird connection to wolfs all my life like something needs too come out! I’m so exited that I’m not alone about this! sorry for my bad English.

          1. First of, forget the crap you see on TV. They tend to take legends and twists them up ever so sweetly to poison many minds. It’s a shame to see what the future holds for the upcoming supernatural generation.

          2. well the original version has him a genetic werewolf from his father so… be the son of a werewolf

          3. get a good make up artist for the makeover!, then wear the red lens and learn gymnastics… poof you’re a werewolf now…

    2. IKR you get me so much! I think wolfs are beautiful creatures, and I could stare at the moon for hours!, I don’t know why, I just feel so happy and loved when I look at the moon. I feel connected to wolves and kinda act like them randomly, I also have a habit of standing on my toes kind of, so, I totally get it, I think being a werewolve would make my live better !

    3. Jaylanie I have somewhat the same feeling. Looking at the moon and the urge to run like run. To be honest i dont know if werewolf is a real thing but it sure is a feeling. Like Jezus says in the Marcus gospel : “As long as you believe in it and you think it already happend it will happen.” Your parrents don’t think that your a disappointment. They love you! Know that there always will be people who will help you and stand by your side. No matter what!
      P.s. if my English is not high quality im sorry still learning (16 years old in Belgium)
      If you want to chat search me on fb Yannick Crick. :) (feeling a little lonely :p)

    4. hi jay i’m just like you and everything you wrote is sitting on me and i want to become a werewolf because i have a field and a small forest behind the house and i just want to go out into the forest turn into a wolf and run and jump and just be free just that I wanted to tell you and I hope someone reads it thank you for your understanding

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