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The Many Ways To Become A Werewolf

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a werewolf. We all know the most popular way which involves being bitten by another werewolf. But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are several ways someone was believed to turn into a werewolf. A warning though, many of these ideas came from the middle ages, a time when people believed in most anything, so some things on this list may be a bit ridiculous.

How To Become A Werewolf

  • Being bitten by another werewolf
  • Being scratched or clawed by another werewolf
  • Selling your soul to the devil
  • Wearing an enchanted belt made of wolf skin/fur, known as a wolf-belt
  • Applying a magic salve to one’s body
  • Black magic and witchcraft
  • Eating lycanthropous flowers (white or yellow flowers said to be in the Balkans)
  • Inhaling certain potions
  • Simply wearing an animal’s pelt
  • Placing a real wolf pelt on one’s body and then drinking beer mixed with blood
  • Drinking water from a wolf’s paw print
  • Eating the brains of a wolf
  • Spells and rituals
  • Having sex with a werewolf
  • Eating an unborn fetus
  • Wearing a belt made of the skin of a executed criminal
  • Being cursed by a witch or troll
  • Being born on Christmas Eve
  • Being blasphemous and getting cursed for your sins
  • Genetics (having a werewolf in your family)
  • Drinking from a lycanthropous stream
  • Drinking downstream from wolves
  • Sleeping on a Friday night under the full moon with the moon shining directly on your face
  • Being the seventh son
  • Being a child conceived under a new moon
  • Not going to confession for 10 years
  • Being gruesomely murdered on a full moon
  • Being born on a full moon Friday
  • Tasting human flesh
  • Being chosen by the Native American wolf spirit

Like I said, folks in the middle ages believed in anything. Instead of explaining things with science, they explained it with religion and superstition. So for those that wish to become a werewolf, don’t expect any of these methods to actually work.

– Moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.

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moonlight • July 16, 2010

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  • Tiffany Cactus

    My freekin goodness I eat my skin around my fingers lol dis is all garbage though

    • Grace Bridges

      eating the skin round your fingernails and chewing your lip could be signs of an anxiety disorder and it doesn’t have anything to do with lycanthropy

  • Wolfie

    I was born in the morning of may 5 2000 that night there was a full moon and all the planets alinght( sorry for bad english) and i hope i’m a werewolf???

  • ahatesham

    It is fake

  • Stefan Martin

    There are also some myths where one can be born a werewolf, and it’s not a curse, but a blessing from a god. The ulfhednar, a type of werewolf, were shamans of Odin who needed wolf skins to transform. According to myths, the wolf-skins would only work for the ulfhednar. For a regular human, the wolf-skin would just be an interesting looking cape. An interesting bits of trivia about the ulfhednar, in their human form they were purported to have the strength of “ten stout warriors,” but once they transformed that would increase tenfold. Ulfhednar were not affected by the moon, instead they went into a berserker frenzy to change. Also, according to myth, they could only be killed by either staving in their skulls or decapitating them. Silver won’t work on these wolves!

  • Aesipendra

    Well if not going to confession for ten years would turn you into a werewolf I should have already been one by now.

  • AlonzaMoonz

    i was born on new moon, and i have a lot a wolf instinctes. but being conseved on new moon do you mean at night or just the gernal day?

  • snowy_wolfshifter3rr

    I’m wolf I did spell and it worked

  • snowy_wolfshifter3rr

    Who wants to join my wolf pack say , howl if you want to be in my wolfblood pack cause I have 2 members that are in my pack

    • Valkyrie Cain

      I want to become a werewolf so bad

      • Anonomous

        Me too

  • Donna_Zara

    ohhh it works…how can i become a human now please help

    • The werewolf wanabe

      How did you become one?

  • Alexius Naeche Paulo

    Need a werewolf bite contact me. i need a pack :+23471649998

    • Bob Li

      are u sure your a werewolf

      • Alexius Naeche Paulo

        Its not like teen wolf you transform only @ night and on full moon buh yhu always have ur full potentials as a werewolf in ur human form
        Yhu can only grow fangs and claws wen angry buh its all about mind control

        • Ureshii

          Hey Alexius , just letting you know that werewolves aren’t subjected to only shifting for full moon

          • The Expert

            Werewolves can also transform at will, not at the full moon. Plus, werewolves biting you to make you a werewolf is a lie, you will just get a nasty scar from it.

    • Random person

      Tell me when the biting is, I want to be a werewolf.

  • the teen wolf

    guys, this isnt a game

  • Bob Li

    I don’t even care if is a game or not cause i’ve wanted to be a werewolf in like 5-6 years

  • Bob Li

    im wondering if anyone is a werewolf

  • disqus_Ixlfg8Bay8

    its fake
    sell my soul to the devil ! -_- in my deadbody

  • Anonymous

    I need help, up until about a month ago I thought I was just average but now I can hear things a lot clearer for example: my house backs out onto a large park that is probably about 400 metres in width and I was sitting in my lounge watching TV and then I heard a phone ring. I searched around my house for the phone that was ringing but I could not find one. I then went onto hear a one sided conversation between a boy which seemed to be talking on a phone. Obviously I thought I was going insane but then I looked out from my kitchen window onto the park and right on the other side was a boy talking on his mobile. The person I could hear said on the phone that he was just leaving and then the boy across the park hung up and then walked in the direction of the exit.

    It wasn’t a coincidence because I have had many expierences like that.

    Another thing is that my anger levels are raising. I can get annoyed at anything. But before I never used to and I would definitely never confront someone about my annoyance or anger.

    My attention to detail has definitely increased. I can see everything a lot clearer and see everything in a scene or picture not just focus on one thing.

    To be quite honest I was a crap runner. I’d get tired after literally the first 5 metres of a run. But recently I have set two school running records. It’s unbelievable, I don’t get tired and I run a hell of a lot faster.

    I think I need help, surely I can’t be a werewolf, I haven’t been bitten, scratched, cast a spell or something or anything else.

    Please someone talk to me I need help from a werewolf perspective.

    • Yannick

      I think it is genetic. Also read my reaction on Jaylanie. Maybe it will be making some things clearer.

  • RemusLupinIsMyDaddy

    Wtaf guys XD

  • ruby codiroli

    i want red eyes and black fur just the hair and the claws and fangs and this what i want i don’t just want be a full body werewolf i want to be a shapeshifter

    • Ureshii

      Red eyes and black fur, is just a thing. Now, tell me have you seen a real wolf with that combo?

    • Anonymous

      I want to be a wolf with White fur and piercing green/blue eyes

  • Micah 李 文 Jung

    isnt the tasting of human flesh a wendigo?

  • Thunder Palmer

    You do not “sell your soul to the devil”. Wolves were created by GOD. Stop implying that all of us are evil demons from hell and not monsters of God. And being gruesomely murdered on a full moon doesn’t make you a werewolf. Being gruesomely murdered makes you cease to live at all.

    • Ureshii

      Hi. Can we like talk privately idk. But I’d like to know more about the origin of werewolves. So yeah…

    • The adoring fan

      That is the most beautiful thing I have heard about werewolves. Thank you for making my day.

  • Rashaad Lawson

    Okay. the only thing I want to do if I REALLY want to become a werewolf, is to do a spell or a ritual.
    Someone please grant me one so that I will join the pack.

  • Anonomous

    I always liked Wolves and the moon sadly around the same time each month my stinking tail bone hurts when I sit down

  • Anonomous

    I have strong as heck jaws and my teeth a quite sharp. I am a really fast runner, but I have a longer torso than normal. I can hear quiet music at the other side of a large house and I can smell cookies baking when the window is open and I am across the street from the house baking cookies. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!

  • Anonomous

    I am also very good with dogs

  • Rylee Woods

    Oh please tell me the sex thing isn’t true. That could cause problems. I mean, I’ve never asked, so wait was someone supposed to warn me about this? Wait but that’s stupid. My species isn’t an STD. I mean, I think it isn’t. Jesus please tell me you’re kidding or that that one isn’t true.

    • Anonomous

      Don’t Worry, it is probably not true. If it is, I would not advise it AT ALL. Don’t. Just don’t.

  • ava

    please someone help i have felt i am a wolf for all my life i love dogs and wolves and i have a strong but wierd connection to them sometimes i want to run with wolves and howl to the moon. ever since i was 7 years old i was looking for wolf spells and potions but none of them worked i am now almost 11 and i want and i need to become a wolf someone please please help!!!! i feel like a part of me is missing and i am not lying. so can someone please help me become a wolf? and i meen no fake stuff no potions or spells or any of that crap i really want to be a wolf!!! someone help me asap

  • Sarah Jennings

    I’ve always been different having a good sense of smell and hearing and love the moon and running through the the night any ideas why I could be so different

  • Supernatural Master

    OK no offense but I’m just going to tell you this. Werewolves are not like giant wolves because we all know that is not a thing, you just stay in your human form but still grow claws and all the other stuff. You really think you actually turn into a wolf??

  • Lilith Dunn

    How would someone who had werewolf ancestors several generations apart trigger the beast blood?

    • M~

      Its like genetics and traits. Also it doesn’t have to be several generations apart, it could be your parents or grandparents.