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The Mandela Effect and the Fouke Monster

Okay, so I am experiencing my own personal Mandela Effect incident. It involves THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK and the little Arkansas town that serves as the film’s setting, Fouke. I’ve been there. And while I was there, I have very clear memories of people, locals, people who actually *live* there, referring to it as F-O-K-E. Pronouncing it with the hard O sound, rhyming with “woke.” I also remember in the movie the narrator referred to it that way. And this isn’t a movie I saw one time, long ago. I’ve seen it repeatedly.

Some months ago I went to the Alabama Bigfoot Festival where I got to hear my online buddy Lyle Blackburn speak. He referred to the town as “Fowk” with the soft O sound, rhyming with “ouch.” I later asked him about it and he assured me that it was pronounced with the soft O. I recently rewatched THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK—and the name of the town was pronounced with the soft O sound! What the hellz?!

You could argue that it’s just a case of my memory being faulty, only my significant other went on that trip to Fouke with me and *she* clearly remembers it being pronounced with the hard O sound! Mandela Effect!

The Evil Cheezman • March 26, 2020

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