The Magical Werewolf-filled World of Tara Duncan

While I may be 25-years-old I’m a giant kid at heart and spend far more time watching cartoons than anything else. I love me some cartoons and was beyond happy when I stumbled across a new one, one with werewolves in it! Hell to the yes! The show is called Tara Duncan and is originally a French TV show that is actually based on a hugely popular book series written by Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian that is said to be like the French and female version of Harry Potter.

Since 99% of the information on Tara Duncan is in French and I don’t know French, I am getting my info from what I watched in the show (which has been dubbed in English). The show follows a young witch named Tara Duncan, her friends and the magical mishaps and adventures they have together. They live in a world full of magic, mermaid, dragons, talking dogs, werewolves and more. Sadly, the earliest episode I caught was the sixth in the season, one titled “Brothers in Fangs.”  But luckily, that was the werewolf episode.

In this episode Tara and her friends must team up with Lycos, a werewolf who has come to find and save his brother, Fabrice. Together Tara and Lycos save Fabrice from a trapper trying to expose werewolves to the world.

While I found the episode entertaining, it also had its issues for sure. One big problem I had with it was the voice acting; it was pretty bad and actually made me wish I was watching the French version with English subtitles instead of this poorly dubbed English one. On top of the bad voice choices, many of the lines in the show were super lame and cheesy, which made certain scenes come off as awkward instead of amusing. I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is one of those times where the book is MUCH better than the show.

What I did like was the werewolves; they were big, bad and powerful. They also looked awesome; they weren’t tiny little wolves, but huge monstrous beasts. I also really loved the show’s animation, which was really well-done. The fact that Tara Duncan is set is such a magical world is also a huge bonus.

Overall, I enjoyed Tara Duncan and plan on watching the entire season. The werewolf episode may not have been the best, but the other episodes I caught were much better, even the voice-acting was greatly improved. After watching the show I really want to read the books, maybe one day the book series will be translated into English.

Unfortunately the English version of the show can only be found on Comcast’s On Demand in the “Kabillion Girls Rule” section. Which means the only people that can watch Tara Duncan are those of you in France or those of you who have Comcast. Maybe one day Kabillion will get around to updating their website and episodes will be available there.

– Moonlight

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