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The Lobizon Caught On Camera

You know that container of salt I keep around for just such occasions as this? Go ahead and take yourself a pinch of it for this news. A werewolf has been captured on a video recording in Argentina. Or maybe it’s an alien that just looks like a werewolf. Or maybe it’s a Chupacabra that just happens to look like an alien that looks like a werewolf. Whatever it is, it looks an awful lot like–well, an alien werewolf, but also the werewolf in the HARRY POTTER movies. All long skinny arms and legs. Take a gander at it and decide for yourself which it most resembles. And how much stock you want to put in this “evidence.”

In Argentina a werewolf is called a “Lobizon.” This could be a photograph of one of them. But do you ever wonder why these things always happen in Third World countries? I mean, if somebody filmed one of these things in Times Square, it would make the scientific community take notice and conduct a proper investigation. It’s all too easy to dismiss the footage as a case of fakery, but we mustn’t be too quick to leap to a conclusion. There have been some compelling pieces of footage taken in South American countries that have yet to be explained. (This one could probably be explained by some creative image-enhancing software, but still.) This Lobizon reportedly likes to attack dogs, so if you decide to go hunting for it, don’t bring your pet Chihuahua.

The Evil Cheezman • April 24, 2018

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