The Lobisomem

The Lobisomem is actually just another word for a werewolf. The word is known around both Portugal and Brazil, but it’s the latter that we’ll be looking at here. The Brazilians also have many different theories on their lobisomems, and why they change. But they may be onto something with some of these. A small city in Brazil called Joanópolis is known as the Capital of the Werewolf and has more werewolf sightings than any other city today.

One of these theories deals with birth order, but it too has its own variants. The most common thought is that if a seventh child of the same sex is born sequentially to parents, that child will be a lobisomem. This theory is sometimes argued that it’s when a boy is born after seven girls that the boy will be destined to be a lobisomem. Still others though think that it’s any eighth child that will turn into a lobisomem, regardless of the sex.

Many of the lobisomem legends have to do with how one transforms into a beast, and then transforms back. In many of these legends, the lobisomem will turn when they get to a crossroads on Friday night at midnight, full moon or no. In order to get back into man form, the lobisomem must find the same crossroads where they originally turned into the savage beast. And still, in other areas of the country, it’s believed that a lobisomem must run through seven cemeteries before they can be transformed back.

In some regions of Brazil, they hold the same belief that many around the world do – that a baby will turn into a lobisomem if they are not baptized. And other areas also have the very global belief that if a lobisomem should bite you, you will also turn into one. However, the Brazilians do put their own spin on this. With lobisomems, you have 12 days to find a cure before you are turned into one permanently. Now if someone could just get to work on that cure…


  1. WOW! You have surprised me *_*

    I’m Brazilian, but never thinked you will post some legends about the “Lobisomem”

    I Loved so much this article! *_* Awesome work :3 The Werewolfs histories here on Brazil are all these, with some variants of course, like the “Chupa-Cabra” that is somewhat a werewolf

    1. Thanks so much Darkhealm! We try to cover werewolves from all around the world and I’m happy I covered something that’s of such great interest to you!

      1. Serious! One of my favorite articles here ^^ You have caught me completely off guard with that. I loved it so much *_*

    2. Except Chupa Cabra’s aren’t a true cryptid, they are a mixture of 1 confused witness (type 1’s) and dozens of bizzarre animal killings caused by diseased coy-dogs(type 2’s). Werewolves are still a mystery and require a further study.

  2. well sorry to kill your happiness but my country (portugal) was the one that introduced the legend in brazil and many of the theries as well

    1. Hi royal, I mentioned in the very beginning of the post that Portugal also holds many of these beliefs and is also well-known for the lobisomem. I chose to focus this article on Brazil, who also believe in the lobisomem.

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