The Lamest Werewolf Game Ever?

Earlier this week I was checking out some of the cheapy PC game websites in search of a simple game to keep me entertained until my new DS game came in the mail (Ace Attorney FTW). But instead of finding something to kill time, I found what just may be the cheesiest, lamest werewolf video game in the history of forever – Daycare Nightmare Mini-Monsters. Seriously, it’s a paranormal daycare game.

“Scare up ferocious fun sitting cuddly crowds of miniature monsters in this spooktacular Time Management game! In Daycare Nightmare: Mini-Monsters, monsters love their babies, too! Help Molly run a daycare center in Monster Town and tend to cooing ghosties who scare the other babies into wetting their diapers when they get mad, little witches who play foul tricks on their playmates when they don’t get their way, plus mini-mummies, burly baby kongs, ferociously cute werewolves and cuddly blobs. Happy monsters mean bigger tips—sad monsters mean mayhem. Daycare Nightmare: Mini-Monsters includes dynamic play, no level in is the same twice!”

Ok, I know this game isn’t directed at adults, that it was made specifically for little girls, but come on! I mean, really? This is just ridiculous. First off, there are far too many terrible daycare games designed for kids. I fail to understand why game developers can’t come up with better ideas for younger gamers. Second, if you are going to make a paranormal game for children, can’t you make it, I don’t know, a little scarier? Obviously you don’t want to scare kids, but when I first fell in love with the paranormal it was because it was spooky and badass, not cute and cuddly. To each their own I suppose.

What do you guys think? Will any of you rush off to play this game right away? Let me know in a comment below.

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They pervert the darkness of man’s collective fears! To give birth to such an abomination is an act of heresy!!

Hi there just found a werewolf character in the new mortal kombat game on ps3. the character is nightwolf.hope you enjoy info.

You guys can check out a werewolf game that never came to the states, called “project Altered Beast”. The game never reached the states as planned, but the game looked fun and probably would have an cult following. The game is based on an old cult classic call “Altered Beast”.

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