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The Island of the Devil

Gonna do my part to serve as a travel magazine with this one, recommending to you, those of you who are stupid enough–I mean brave enough–to go there, the Goubbet Al-Kharab, the “Island of the Devil.” First you’ll need to travel to Djibouti. (Hint: It’s in Africa, up in the northern part of the Horn. It’s pretty small, so look carefully or you might miss it. It borders Ethiopia and Somalia, if that helps.) Then jump in a boat and head across the Gulf of Tadjourah. The Island of the Devil sits right on top of the convergence of the tectonic plates that separate Africa from Arabia. (“Goubbet Al-Kharab” can also refer to the cove itself, so sometimes you will see references to Goubbet Al-Kharab Island, or islands, plural. But it all refers to the same basic area.)

But why is it called what it’s called? That’s what you all really want to know. Well, it is said that local fishermen avoid the area. Because of sharks, possibly, but they are also afraid that visiting the Island will bring bad luck. It is said that “Sheytan,” aka the Devil, calls the island home and will drag anyone who trespasses away to Hell. Explorer Jacques Cousteau is said to have discovered some kind of sea monster in the cove, and this aquatic beastie guards the Island.

Okay, now I *have* to go there.

The Evil Cheezman • December 14, 2018

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