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The Iceman Goeth

That’s go-eth. It’s meant to be a pun on THE ICEMAN COMETH, a play written by Eugene O’Neill dealing with alcoholism and self-deception, among other things. Go-eth. Not Goethe, the German writer who penned the play called FAUST. And the Iceman I’m referring to here is the Minnesota Iceman, who may have been a dead Bigfoot or else was an incredible gaffe, or quite possibly was both. How’s that work? See, the original Iceman, a dead Sasquatch frozen in a block of ice, was examined by scientists Ivan T. Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans. They proclaimed it to be genuine for several reasons, one of them being that the creature stank of decomposition.

When rumors started circulating that there might be a criminal investigation into the killing of the Iceman, the owner yanked it from the carnival route and replaced it with an inferior facsimile. He claimed that there was only ever one Iceman, and the mainstream was happy to believe him. This left Sanderson and Heuvelmans looking like quacks. But should their findings be so easily dismissed? They claimed there were clear and obvious differences between the first and second Icemen. Were they lying? I find it distasteful to suggest that they were. Were they just mistaken, then? Possibly, but it seems unlikely given their credentials. Did the owner bury the body of the original Iceman somewhere unknown and then replace it, afraid he might get into legal trouble?

The Evil Cheezman • June 7, 2019

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