‘The Howling’ Gets A Remake

the-howling-You know werewolves are popular again when they start remaking old werewolf movies. First it was Teen Wolf and now it looks like they are remaking the 1981 horror film, The Howling. This new movie will be titled, The Howling: Reborn (creative) and will be directed by a former studio marketing exec making his directorial debut.

Joe Dante directed the original version of The Howling, which was written by John Sayles, and the flick became an instant cult classic. At the time the special effects were groundbreaking and amazing (at the time) and the story itself gained loads of hardcore fans.

The Howling: Reborn will be directed and written by Joe Nimziki and well, no one seems to be happy about it. I think we’re all sick of all these old remakes, because come on, they are very rarely ever better than the original. All they do is throw a bunch of fancy new graphics into it and that’s about it, nothing better for sure.

Anyway, here is what was posted on the plot…

The REBORN screenplay opens in a similar manner to the 1981 Dante film, with a young reporter – named Karen White – meeting up with a serial killer who is stalking her. In this version, however, there are no cops who burst in on the scene: she’s confronted and murdered by the killer, who of course turns out to be a werewolf. Only hook is, she was pregnant, and the baby lives… Cut to years later, and Karen’s son – Will – is attending a high-profile prep school, where he’s having weird dreams and the like. Naturally, he’s got wolfy tendencies, and – shock! – so do his friends.

Yea… I can’t find any good words for this. It sounds like another wannabe classic that just won’t cut it. But hell, maybe they’ll surprise us, who knows.

What do you guys think about this remake of The Howling?

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  1. I tend to agree with you on remakes. I would like to see it before I pass judgment. I just want to see more werewolf movies made. I hope this new movie will use very little CGI and more props like the new Wolfman or Being Human series. They should consider getting Darren Nevin of DNA FX to help.

    1. i agree with you there bud you reely dont see eny good werewof moveis enymore. they don’t even try they just throw some bull together and send it on it’s mary way. i need scary movies i need werewolf movies that will make me shit my self. i need scary werewolf movies.

  2. Wow, what a slap to the face. Vampires are having original screenplays and novel adaptations written for them and all the lowly werewolf gets is a couple of sure to be lousy remakes. I really hate HW. >:(

  3. I’ve been a fan of werewolf films for 30 years, ever since “Creature Double Feature” was on tv. I must say “Dog Soldiers” was a good original film. We need more werewolf films of that quality and better. I’ve seen women go through menopause that’s scarier then some of these werewolf films!

  4. Damnit, I don’t want this movie to be like the twilight movies!!! Because like many other werewolf fans, I want this to be a DARK, TERRIFYING, BLOODY WEREWOLF MOVIE WITH MAKE-UP EFFECTS FOR THE TRANSFORMATIONS!!!!!! NOT JUST THAT, I WANT THIS FILM TO BE JUST RIGHT AND BE SO DAMN GOOD AND SUCCESSFUL, IT WOULD WIN AN OSCAR AWARD!!!!!!!!

  5. I saw the preshow of this remake tonight. It was seriously a joke… If you like Twilight you might like it. Given they didn’t have me sign a disclosure agreement, here’s a breakdown of the film. It’s a tale of a young man who falls into an angsty romance with a girl he’s been lusting after for 4 years, and there are heavy suggestions through the entire 48 hours they spend together, that they are falling in love! The werewolves are all silly-looking with strange masks and poorly made fursuits. The fight scenes were pretty funny, and overall the entire film had me laughing throughout, though I don’t think it was intended to be comedic. Most of it made NO sense.

    THIS is like Twilight, except with a very slightly better script, no sparkles, and starring a young man who actually appears to be high-school aged. I get that the film people were trying but… WOW.

    The premise is as follows: Boy grows up motherless. As he turns 18 he is invited to this strange party by the girl he’s crushed on for 4 years, right after her boyfriend threatens him. His dad sits in their living room and is lamenting about his mom, on his birthday, going on and on about how he misses her- some birthday! But he gives his son the silver band that his mom had spent all her money to buy him. At the party some other girl kisses him, tonguing a pill down his throat, and later the girl he crushes on dances seductively with him (guess she didn’t see that other girl!) and he begins to freak out that he thought he saw a strange creature. They flee the party, and there is something following them, something that can break down heavy doors. He manages to successfully flee to run into a cop outside, and his crush mysteriously appears, too. The cop doesn’t believe his story of monsters, and accuses him of being high, which is probably was from the pill. The crush denies knowing him at all, and abandons him to be with the cop alone. What happens is unresolved and instead you are taken to the next day at school, I mean, was he arrested? What happened?! The boyfriend of his crush attacks him in the bathroom, telling him that he went too far, hanging with his girlfriend, and he proceeds to beat our hero up. Mid-fight, the boy fights back and finds he has superhuman strength, and throws the bully boyfriend into a toilet, where he cracks his head, temporarily unconscious, and the boy leaves the bathroom. The bully wakes up, furious, and decides to enact revenge and runs out of the bathroom, and into the stairwell, where he just saw the door close, he calls out to the boy, saying he just wants to talk, though he pulls out a gun and cocks it. (Later we find out it had hollow point bullets. This is at a high school, a preppy one. What kind of high school prep has a gun with HOLLOW POINTS?!!) Anyways, he is attacked by something, probably a werewolf, and he fires several times, though it doesn’t stop the creature from attacking, and probably killing him. After beating up the boyfriend, the leading boy decides to take a chance and flirt with the girl more. Things look bright, though he is concerned about what happened. He also notices that a nasty gash he received a day before has healed nicely, and he begins to wonder if he might be a werewolf. His friend who is obsessed about them discloses, they are only killed by silver and fire, except the alpha’s they can only be killed by other wolves, and finally, once turned, you can retain a human mind, but only if you don’t kill. (Though later they kind of completely go against this!) So not feeling well, the boy is in the nurse’s office, and slices his wrist open, after his friend tells him that if he’s a werewolf it won’t kill him, the friend even records the entire thing on his phone. The wound heals, and he realizes, omg, he’s a werewolf! With this new revelation in mind, he goes into the library to look up books about it, and his crush comes in, wearing a slutty school girl outfit (though there were no uniforms before- so it’s just to look slutty) and ties him up with her tie and kisses him some, then giggles about that he’s not a wolf. She discloses she’s going to Europe for the summer and is coy about wondering if he can live without her. She leaves him alone, and in walks this blonde lady that he encountered a day before outside the school, and these 3 weird new students that all look like punks. He asks what she is doing there, and she discloses that he’s her son, and she’s upset at how his father raised him, making him so weak. In the previous segment, they did a tie in with the lady seducing his father, and they were being tied up by their respective ladies at the same time, and the lady revealed that she was the mother and scoffed at how the father had aged so! Anyway, the boy is shocked, rightfully, because his mom is dead, she can’t be, but it turns out, she is! But oh, shit, in walks the crush and there wolves are like, wtf, kill her! The boy badly acts, saying no, let him kill her, and so he runs at her and they fall out of the window together, and he lands beneath her, his body crushed. But he can only be killed by … fire or silver, so he regenerates and is A-OK, but they have to get out of the school before there is a lock down, because this school locks everything down after like 30min after school is out. Apparently they have no after school activities ever, which is weird considering how preppy it is. Anyway, they run towards the exit, but miss the door, before giant steel shudders close over it. They run to the security office, but the officer there is dead, and to his horror the boy sees his werewolf-fan friend being killed in the chapel of the school where he had planned to hack into the local television stations and show a film he had made. So the boy n his crush run around and have a skirmish with a wolf, we get to see the first terrible fursuit that it looks like they purchased it from a furry-enthusiast, they get away, have another skirmish. Then they wind up in a room with his mom, and it’s revealed he was the wolf who killed the girl’s boyfriend! Uh oh, he’s killed, he should have lost his humanity. They find out that the mom has gathered a bunch of dead bodies in the basement of the school, for that night there will be a blue moon, and the corpses will all spontaneously reanimate at a certain time (which happened to coincide with their graduation ceremony, which couldn’t have been midnight, and the moon wasn’t at it’s zenith, so it was like the time that seemed most dramatic to affecting the plot.) that night. They wind up setting fire to it all, and it somehow only supposedly killed the mom and her friends. So they manage to get alone, in a room somewhere, and the girl is basically like, screw me, I trust you, you are human enough. She is all undressing out of her now bloodied slutty school girl outfit and pulls him onto the desk with her, and they then shoot several camera angles of the two teens rolling around, apparently rubbing arms all over backs, and just rolling, rolling, and more rolling! Then suddenly scratch marks appear on her back, I guess he scratched her, but they didn’t show that, and he is horrified, and runs away from her, leaving her alone to be attacked! So he returns to her rescue and then he winds up getting into a fight with his mother. She didn’t die from fire, cause she’s the alpha! She beats him to a pulp, after a fight where he has transformed and it’s impossible to tell which man with a fursuit, wolf mask, and cat tail, is fighting who, and finally she is about to kill him after he has turned back into a human, when another wolf shows up, and rips her heart out. It’s his crush! She was turned into a wolf after that scratch and he talks her back into her human form. They then decide that they can try to be human, and they both put on random graduation robes that are lying about, because they are both naked after turning back into humans. For some reason she is unable to walk, or just too lazy, so he scoops her up and takes her up somewhere else in the school, and it looks like you might be able to see his junk, cause he’s naked in a robe that hits high up on his thigh, but thankfully you don’t. So instead of setting a fire down in the basement where all the werewolves are suddenly transforming, they set a fire in one of the upper floors that somehow instantaneously goes into the basement, too, and the entire school explodes in a huge fiery boom. The two somehow manage to make it outside, right where the grad ceremony is, and everyone is staring, because they look like they just had wild wild sex, and are both naked under two robes. Then they calmly walk away, though sometime during all of that, he found pants to put on, though who knows where he got them. The credits roll, and then there are cool snipits around the world of werewolf attacks, which the mother alluded to, that there was no use in fighting there were armies all over, guess she was right, and there is probably going to be another terrible sequel in the future where two teens who don’t know each other, nor really care about one another (she left him alone to the cop!) will magically fall in love in 48 hours. Enjoy!

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