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‘The Howling’ Gets A Remake

the-howling-You know werewolves are popular again when they start remaking old werewolf movies. First it was Teen Wolf and now it looks like they are remaking the 1981 horror film, The Howling. This new movie will be titled, The Howling: Reborn (creative) and will be directed by a former studio marketing exec making his directorial debut.

Joe Dante directed the original version of The Howling, which was written by John Sayles, and the flick became an instant cult classic. At the time the special effects were groundbreaking and amazing (at the time) and the story itself gained loads of hardcore fans.

The Howling: Reborn will be directed and written by Joe Nimziki and well, no one seems to be happy about it. I think we’re all sick of all these old remakes, because come on, they are very rarely ever better than the original. All they do is throw a bunch of fancy new graphics into it and that’s about it, nothing better for sure.

Anyway, here is what was posted on the plot…

The REBORN screenplay opens in a similar manner to the 1981 Dante film, with a young reporter – named Karen White – meeting up with a serial killer who is stalking her. In this version, however, there are no cops who burst in on the scene: she’s confronted and murdered by the killer, who of course turns out to be a werewolf. Only hook is, she was pregnant, and the baby lives… Cut to years later, and Karen’s son – Will – is attending a high-profile prep school, where he’s having weird dreams and the like. Naturally, he’s got wolfy tendencies, and – shock! – so do his friends.

Yea… I can’t find any good words for this. It sounds like another wannabe classic that just won’t cut it. But hell, maybe they’ll surprise us, who knows.

What do you guys think about this remake of The Howling?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • December 15, 2009

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