‘The Howling’ Director Set to Film Another Werewolf Movie!

That’s right readers, Joe Dante, the man who brought us “The Howling,” is working on yet another werewolf flick! Titled “Monster Love” and written by Greg Pak (Planet Hulk) this werewolf movie definitely won’t be as badass as “The Howling” is. This can be seen as either bad or good depending on whether you’re a horror buff or a romance nut, because as the title hints, “Monster Love” is going to be a werewolf romance movie.

Darclight Films is running the production, which is described as a horror-comedy, and thanks to Shocktillyoudrop.com we’ve got the plot synopsis for you.

“A werewolf and a vampire fall in love, igniting a war between their respective communities. It’s ROMEO AND JULIET with fangs.

After PETE, a young dogwalker, gets dumped by his girlfriend, his slacker buddies convince him to run naked through the city park. As the moon rises, the boys laugh, howl, and transform… Later, a distraught young woman named MAGGIE is contemplating suicide when she’s surprised by an enormous wolf. She snarls, baring her vampire fangs. The wolf grins and barks: Let’s play!

After a fierce, exhilarating chase through the park, Maggie falls asleep with the wolf – and awakens in a naked young man’s arms. It’s Pete. And love at first sight.

Pete’s werewolf pals and Maggie’s upper-crust vampire clan are furious. And when some mangled bodies are discovered in the woods, Pete and Maggie must fight for their lives while grappling with the awful consequences of loving a monster.”

Uh, does anyone else thing this sounds ridiculously cheesy and unoriginal? Or is it just me? I mean, yes I am a werewolf fan, a vampire fan and a romantic movie fan, but this is too cliché even for me. But who knows, maybe it’ll be better than it sounds. What do you guys think?

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  1. Too easy a story line using three ideas that are such clichees now basic Werewolf/Vampire animosity, the Romeo and Juliet ripoff and the rich girl falls for a poor working class guy. Making Romeo a werewolf and Juliet a vampire is hardly a new twist. And did I see it is a horror comedy? Too much humour (enough to make it a comedy) makes the monsters into excuses for jokes and makes using them pointless.
    Horror romance is just as bad as the basics for the relationships are based in the clichees mentioned above and are likely just trying to cash in on the (dwindling?)popularity of the twilight series.

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