‘The Howling’ & 25 More Horror Films That Will Make You Never Want To Have Sex Again

“…lycanthropy is more than just kinky sex.” 

No shit. I love this movie; it’s up there in the top favorite werewolf movies everyone has, always. If I could name my top five favorite, I would say The Ginger Snaps Trilogy, An American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, The Howling and Wolf. I have a huge lady boner for James Spader, and he and Jack Nicholson make a couple of extremely sexy werewolves. Seriously, I’m kind of wondering why Ginger Snaps didn’t make it onto this list. 

There’s a scene where Giner sleeps with this popular dude, and he starts turning into a werewolf also, which first manifests as peeing blood, and getting lots of acne. If lycanthropy is an STD, that’s definitely a reason not to have sex. Ever. Because, y’know, werewolves look like everyone else.

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