The Horror Honeys’ 5 Favorite Werewolf Movies

I have always had beef with werewolf movies partly because I have never seen one that genuinely scared me and most simply, they lack uniqueness.

Not enough women write about horror films; true story. Most of the really great horror articles were written by men, –I could list a lot of examples, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone, especially me. It’s really refreshing to read anything good by women, –and! these two lovely scream queens, have their very own podcast. With which I’m sure they manipulate the masses into watching great movies and doing only -cool- horror culture stuff.

#1 is Ginger Snaps; because it’s awesome, agreed. The second choice was Bad Moon which is one of my big favorites too, and the third is a black-and-white, The Wolf Man. Meh, never been a big fan. It’s almost formulaic, how they never forget to add black and white movies, every time, in every list. The last two are Late Phases –still need to see that. The last is Cursed. And…. meh, two out of five stars. Pretty good list, even though there was the obligatory black and white. 

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