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The Hellhounds of Mark Twain Forest

Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri, 3.5+ million acres of it, sits atop the infamous New Madrid fault, the cause of the most devastating earthquake in US history, the one that caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards in 1811. Does its geography, its geological status offer any explanation as to why there has been so much paranormal activity reported there? A historic home to witches, if the legends are to be believed, and to the Missouri Mystery Mound, somewhere beneath which, again if the legends are true, rests the “Hall of Records,” a cache of historical treasures left behind by the Atlanteans or some other lost civilization. (We do know that outlaw Jesse James had a hideout in the caves beneath the forest, so why not the Atlanteans?)

Hellhounds are theorized to be guardians, summoned from some other dimension. Might the Hellhounds that have been encountered by travelers passing through Mark Twain National Forest have been left there to serve as guard dogs for ancient secrets? The enormous canines—shaggy, capable of running at incredible speeds, of disappearing into thin air, with glow-in-the-dark red eyes and of the prerequisite melanistic coloration—that have been reported in Mark Twain forest correspond exactly with the “Black Shuck” of British lore. Are they examples of the same species of supernatural beast?

The Evil Cheezman • November 20, 2018

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