The Harz Mountain Werewolf

Today dear readers, I bring you yet another old werewolf folktale. Like most werewolf legends, this one contains grisly deaths, gore and an unhappy ending.

Once upon a time, Count van Breber and his beloved countess Hilda were vacationing in the Harz Mountains in Germany. One evening they stopped at an inn, and, while chatting with the innkeeper about their travels, they told him how incredibly difficult it was crossing the brook. The innkeeper, knowing which brook they spoke of, warned the couple that they should never drink from it.

But alas, Countess Hilda had in fact taken a drink from the brook, once realizing this she quickly grew fearful. Soon after what the innkeeper had said, Hilda began to have nightmares and started acting peculiarly. At the same time, a string of child-snatchings began to take place.

Then one night, a woman ran into the Count’s office and begged him to follow her, she claimed that she had seen the monstrous creature that took her child. The count agreed and followed the woman as she ran to the house, unfortunately she was too fast for him and the Count fell behind. The woman spotted the werewolf and before the Count could stop her, she chased it into the house.

From the outside, the horrified Count heard screams, mixed with snarling animal noises. Once he finally went into the house, the Count first saw the dead and bloodied body of the woman, and then in the corner, he saw the hooded beast. Even though the creature was cloaked in shadows, the Count couldn’t help but notice that it was shaped like a woman, but also, that it appeared to have hair sprouting all over its body.

Then suddenly the werewolf went for the window, causing the Count to shoot it dead on. The Count then went to find a light so that he could see clearly, and what he saw was that the person he had shot was his poor Countess Hilda.

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