The Greatest Werewolf Mask in the History of Forever

While perusing deviantArt I stumbled upon one of the most kickass wolf masks ever – one actually available to buy (for close to $1000).  Of course I had to share such awesomeness with all of you werewolf fans. The mask was created by Sharpe Costumes, who makes a wide assortment of furry masks – some realistic and some cartoony, they even make full body suits. Check out images of the mask and a video of the mask below!


Here is a jaw test the artist filmed for buyers (sadly, this mask has already sold):

Pretty freaking incredible right? It looks fantastic. And the other costumes on her site are great too, well, except for the cartoon ones, those kind of creep me out. But the realistic masks and suits are all kinds of awesome.

For more info you can find the artist here:

Official Website

What do you guys think of the mask? Is it something you would want for yourself?

– Moonlight

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