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The Golden Globes Are Hollow

There were a few surprises when they released the list of nominees for the Golden Globe awards, which will air in January 2019. For the most part, though, it was business as usual, the same kind of tired business that makes awards shows to a large extent irrelevant. They couldn’t quite ignore BLACK PANTHER, though sadly its inclusion in the Best Picture category probably has as much to do with politics as with the quality of the film. (Not that the latter is in any way lacking; the movie is more than worthy of the nomination. It’s just a question of *why* it got that nomination. For the same reason that GET OUT was up for an Oscar last year, I suspect.) But they snubbed the movie’s star, the Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, as well as the director.

Another snub that left me shaking my head was Sam Elliot for A STAR IS BORN. Not a genre effort, but just as an aside I would’ve figured him to be a shoo-in.

The snubs that are not at all surprising but are still egregious in the extreme involve John Krasinski’s A QUIET PLACE. No acting nominations for Krasinski or Emily Blunt, no directing or writing nominations for Krasinski. Certainly no Best Picture nomination. The Golden Globetrotters turn up their noses at Horror. But does it *really* matter? A QUIET PLACE has already won all the awards that shake out in the wash: it earned heaps of critical praise and made a mint at the box office. What matters a gaudy little awards trophy, compared to that?

The Evil Cheezman • December 13, 2018

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