The Girl’s Guide to Werewolves

While scanning some older werewolf books I came across something that some of you girls may enjoy – The Girl’s Guide to Werewolves: All You Need to Know about the Original Untamed Bad Boys by Barbara Karg.

The good news is: He’s tall, dark, and handsome.

The bad news is: He’s short-tempered, a bit hairy, and has a tendency to howl at the full moon.

. . . Which makes bringing him home to meet mom and dad a bit difficult. How do you expect him to meet the family when he’s shedding on the furniture and sharpening his nails? Will he have more in common with the family dog than you? Will he leave you for a hairy hottie? No worries, in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about these wild boys, including:

* How to spot a werewolf
* What to do when he changes shape
* How to avoid his animalistic mood swings
* How to destroy the savage beast (before he destroys you!)
* The best and worst werewolf books and films

With this book, all ladies in love with lycanthropes learn how to tame their creatures of the night!

The description definitely makes it sound like a fun book for a girly werewolf fan to enjoy, but after reading a few reviews on it it turns out it’s not just some silly shallow read. Reviewers are saying the book contains information on werewolf folklore and history, as well as info on a bunch of books and movies. After checking out the table of contents on Amazon, it looks like it has a wide assortment of goodies for all sorts of readers to enjoy, not just the girls.

Whether or not in contains well-researched facts – well, I couldn’t tell you. So I’ll ask you guys instead, have any of read it? If so what did you think, would you recommend it to the rest of us gals? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. Just went through its contents on amazon.It does look like a good book. I might give it to my girlfriend for x-mas!

  2. Another good YA book about werewolves that just came out is Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. I definitely recommend it!

  3. “most cultures throughout history have werewolf sightings”? “Since the time of ancient man and across all cultures of the world there have been long-believed tales of men and women who could transform into wolves”? Can anybody be so dumb? Half of the planet didn’t even have wolves and looks like they just threw all sorts of shifters in a pot and labelled them werewolves. And Brotherhood of the Wolf is not a werewolf film. The info about wolves is ouddated. And come on people: Never wondered why India didn’t feature wolves so strongly as monsters? Because they got tigers, lions and leopards, a wolf is nothing compared to that. Obviously the author cannot differentiate between the mythological werewolf and the literature werewolf (Anubis has no connection to wolves, apart from the fact that he is connected to dogs). The “man-wolf” is mostly a product of modern day cinema. And what have Romulus and Remus to do with werewolves?

    I seriously don’t recommend this book. If you are learned enough to differentiate the truth from the crap in this one you wouldn’t need this book.

    1. It sounds like the author of the book is covering all aspects of werewolves, not just sticking to one view – which is exactly what we do on this site.

      1. Its one thing to cover all aspects of the werewolf phenomenon it is something entirely different when you smash all sorts of beings together and label them “werewolf” especially when you talk about mythology. A hellhound is not a werewolf, neither a cynocephalus, Anubis or a black dog. And a being that doesn’t even change into a wolf but something entirely different is definitely not one. Sounds to me as though the author doesn’t know what he/she is talking about in that regard. And wolf-packs can also be led by an alpha-female as was proven in Banff National Park.

  4. come on u guys! u cant b serious! i litteraly JUST told u like 2 days ago that werewolves rnt phycotic, deranged animals we r VERY civilized! [& awesome :}]

  5. hey Moonlight! where do u liv? nothin stalkerish just wondering cause different places hav different rumours and legends aBout us.

    1. I’m not telling you where I live. My info doesn’t come from things I hear here, it comes from years of book research – you guys should try it.

  6. im trying to look up all imformation about werewolves and can a girl transfor into a werewolf some one anwser back to this please i gotta now because i now its stupid but i WANNA BECOME ONE ,GIRL WEREWOLVE (: *(* :moon:

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