The Ginger Snaps Trilogy

introI love this trilogy; deeply, and anyone who doesn’t can just leave the room now. From the haunting orchestral soundtracks, to the gruesome effects, I’m in love. There’s a lot of talk about how the original film was a metaphor for the horrors of female puberty, –trust me, guys, female adolescence has never before been so aptly captured. If you’re a guy looking for an inside look into the female cycle of growth, screw Health & Reproduction 101, pick up Ginger Snaps. And watch out for girls with long nails, sharp teeth and tails strapped to their legs with electrical tape.

gingersnapsbackGinger Snaps Back: The Beginning – This film’s partner, Ginger Snaps: Unleashed, did so badly at the box office, that the prequel went straight to stores. Who cares? The movie was awesome; actually, these movies are arranged, not only in their correct chronological film sequence, but also according to my favorites. In this film, Ginger and Bridget are wandering women in the forests of colonial North America. They have a mysterious, unrevealed history, and wander into a nearly deserted fort, governed by a man with his own dirty little secret, hidden somewhere in the fort, just waiting for one of the sisters to unlock the door.

gingersnapsGinger Snaps – Two sisters, Ginger and Bridget, outcasts among the sheep of their high school, delight in their reject status, except for one thing; the imminent approach of menstruation! Well, that and the crazy Beast of Bailey Downs that attacks the suburban pets, rips them to shreds, and lives out there, somewhere in the woods. Ginger comes down with the Curse, and soon after, she’s attacked by the monster that terrorizes their neighborhood. Only time will tell if Bridget, and the local drug dealer, can save Ginger. In the meantime, sit back and count the grisly casualties.


ginger snaps2Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed – My least favorite of the films, but still highly entertaining. Ginger’s sister Bridget is on the run, and when she’s tossed into a mental hospital, she’s deprived of the drug that manages to hold off the Change. She partners up with a little girl with a troubled past, and the two fight to escape both Bridget’s transformation, and the monster chasing Bridget for a chance to mate. Bridget has to endure her sister’s goading her from beyond the grave, the torments of the hospital, and the knowledge that her little friend might not be what she seems.


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