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Over at our sister site vampires.com I’ve been talking about the 30th anniversary of GHOSTBUSTERS 2, waxing all nostalgic and stuff. But there’s some GHOSTBUSTERS-related news to report this week on this site, too. The Terror Dogs in the original 1984 film aren’t werewolves in the sense that they don’t ever transition from human beings into monsters and back again. Oh, wait; they do. Never mind, then. They qualify as werewolves. Or were-*somethings.*

This year, Spirit Halloween stores will be selling life-sized replicas of the Terror Dogs. Really? Life-sized? The things in the movie are freakin’ huge! Considering that they’ll run you a good 500 smackers, they just might be that big. The website gives the dimensions as 59 inches long by 30 inches high. Let’s do a little mental math. That’s less than 3 feet tall and not quite five feet long. I seem to recall them being bigger in the movie. Still, that’s a whopper of a prop. I’d love to have one, but aside from the hefty price tag I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep it! I’ll stick with my Funko mini-figure.

The Evil Cheezman • July 5, 2019

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