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The Georgia Werewolf and the “Scariest Small Town”

Oh, this is gonna be fun. First, refresh your memories as to my search for, and subsequent discovery of, the gravesite of the “Werewolf of Georgia,” Ms. Emily Isabella Burt. Then check out this site. It’s all about Talbotton, Georgia, the “Scariest small town” in the State. And it’s so packed with false information that it’s fit to burstin’, as my grandparents would have said. Where shall I commence the debunking? I will just go down the list from the top.

Aside from the story of the werewolf itself, not a whit of which can be substantiated, the article is full of holes. It claims the town “Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie.” I suppose this is technically true, but there’s nothing about Talbotton that is sinister or imposing. It is much the opposite. It’s only scary if you find Mayberry terrifying. It then claims: “Isabella eventually passed, and was buried in the cemetery in town.” Uh, no. That’s a big ol’ falsey-false. The cemetery is NOT located in Talbotton. It’s not even CLOSE to Talbotton, relatively speaking. Trust me on this one. And the cemetery pictured in the article is most assuredly NOT the one in which Ms. Burt is interred.

Lastly, “In fact, people visit this cemetery during fulls [sic] moons in hopes to hear [sic] the sounds of of [sic] Isabella’s ghost howling at the bright night sky.” HORSE and SHIT. They most certainly do not. The real cemetery is located on private property owned by a retired police officer, surrounded by yokels who will shoot you if they catch you trespassing on their land, and is damn near impossible to find even in the daytime. It is in the woods, guarded by biting dogs and snakes and enough brier thickets to preserve the virginity of Sleeping Beauty in her tower. It is NOT a popular site for the curious to visit. It is not a popular site for ANYBody to visit.

Honestly, if my name were on that article, I would be embarrassed.

The Evil Cheezman • July 27, 2018

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