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The Gandillon Werewolves

It was in 1598 in the Juan Mountains, which are located just outside of the Alps, that a small girl and boy were attacked by a massively-sized wolf while they were walking in the woods. The wolf got to the girl right away, killing her immediately. But the boy pulled out a knife and managed to wound the wolf. But this was just before the wolf swiftly killed him as well.

As goes with many werewolf tales, a group of hunters managed to see some of the incident, and chased the wolf down into the woods. When they got to the end of their hunt, they didn’t find the wolf but instead, Perrenette Gandillon, a woman from St. Claude and who was well-known for not being of a right mind. Gandillon had the same sort of wound the wolf had received when the boy cut her, and she was also covered with blood and gore. One of the hunters, Henry Boguet, said that he had seen the woman in wolf form as she attacked the children. He claimed that she had no tail and that instead of front paws, she had human hands.

Perrenette Gandillon didn’t live for very long after that. After a group of blood-thirsty locals heard of the killing, they wanted to avenge the death of the children and did so, with pretty much no interference from the authorities. But the authorities weren’t quite finished with Perrenette’s family.

Perrenette’s sister, Antoinette Gandillon, was widely known for practicing witchcraft and there was also suspicion of her brother, Pierre, and his son, George Gandillon. Taking the family into custody, Antoinette quickly admitted to practicing witchcraft. Something entirely different however, happened to both Pierre and George.

The father and son started crawling around on all fours like animals, barking and howling at each other. Pierre actually became severely disfigured and was so revolting to look at that people couldn’t even bear to look at him. While they were in this state, both Pierre and George both admitted to having been at Sabbats and having worshipped the Devil while they were in wolf form.

Because there was nothing else to be done with them, and both witchcraft and werewolfism were both offenses of the highest kind, Antoinette, Pierre, and George Gandillon were all sentenced to be burned at the stake. And so they were.

– Kate

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kate • February 20, 2010

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