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The Furry Globster

I don’t typically cover aquatic monsters on this site. For one thing, well, there’s that “aquatic” thing. For a site that caters to werewolf fans, I figure I ought to keep things terrestrial. Terra dry-a. Also, 99% of the time, those “globsters” that wash up on beaches looking all monstrous-like turn out to be nothing more exotic than decomposing whales, unrecognizable due to that just-mentioned decomposition, or some other large ocean-dwelling yet well-known and hardly mysterious animal undergoing that same appearance-distortion due to it being dead and rotting. Nothing to see here, in other words. Nothing to report. But I’m going to make an exception this time, because the globster in question is FURRY! Why would a sea creature have fur? It also appears to have a tail!

The unknown, immense beast washed ashore on the Kamchatka peninsula, along the eastern coastline of Russia fronting the Pacific Ocean. Some have theorized that the carcass is that of a wooly mammoth, one that was trapped in ice yet somehow got thawed out and then found its way into the water. Why not? That would explain the fur. Apologies, though, if this one turns out to be a dead whale with a case of hypertrichosis.

The Evil Cheezman • August 30, 2018

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