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Filming on the fourth season of the hit series is reportedly set to begin this fall. This is good news but it leaves a lot of fans disappointed, wondering how long it will be before that fourth season is ready to air. The Duffer Brothers have stated that they like to have their hands in every aspect of the show’s creation. This results in longer wait times between seasons, but the tradeoff is the coherent vision and uninterrupted focus that is largely responsible for the show’s success. I’d rather wait and have the show remain as good as it is—although if they wait too long season four will have to feature all the kids in college!

The other primary ingredient in the spicy recipe that makes the show such a smash is, I believe, nostalgia. Would the show be as successful if it were set in any other time, or the present day, and without the ability of the show’s creators to so (almost) perfectly capture the look, feel, and energy of the 1980s? (I say “almost” perfectly because there are the rare minor anachronisms. But these are hardly detrimental to the show.) I know everybody (except that one guy who complained because I report on STRANGER THINGS) loves the show, but I’d be curious to see how the demographics break down for its fans. How many of those hardcore marks are 80s children, reliving that time in their lives?

The Evil Cheezman • August 1, 2019

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