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The Flatwoods Stranger and Your State’s Trademark Monster

Somebody went and photoshopped the face of the Flatwoods Monster into a publicity still of Robin from season three of STRANGER THINGS. I don’t know who did it or I’d be glad to credit him/her. I think it’s cute so I’m sharing it. (Note: I added the werewolf.)

I’m also sharing this handy map detailing the most noteworthy (in somebody’s opinion) monster, paranormal entity, or ghost story from each state.

Not all of them qualify as “urban legends,” though, and I do have to question some of the choices. For example, the Dead Children’s Playground of Huntsville is listed as *the* definitive legend for my home state of Alabama, but in reality the Alabama White Thang is more deserving of the accolade. (The White Thang of Alabama is not to be confused with the White Things of West Virginia shown on the map. And how the holy hell did those White Things outrank Mothman anyway?) They got the one for Louisiana right, the Rougaroo. And Minnesota gets the Wendigo. But does the Rhinelander Hodag really outrank the Beast of Bray Road as Wisconsin’s most legendary monster? And the Nain Rogue outranks the Michigan Dogman? Did the compiler of this map have something against werewolves or something?

The Evil Cheezman • August 8, 2019

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