The First Set Photos of Underworld 4 Have Arrived!

I know, I know, the fact that they’re even filming the movie at all is hellaciously exciting, –since for some reason, big budget werewolf movies seem to have a hell of a time getting off the ground. But we finally have something to howl about, and damn it, I mean to do some howling! The photos depict Kate Beckinsale getting ready for serious stunts, –or at least, a fairly convincing stunt double getting ready to do serious stunts. And a bunch of crew members hanging out around the set, working, and hardly working. Personally, I get the biggest kick out of seeing the stars dressed liked tired, normal people who just want to crawl back in bed and pass out, –because it looks like it’s frickin’ cold as hell where they are. Oh, and, not to gush, but I love seeing the set itself, and the environment they’ve created for the film.


“Here is where we had a few photos, but Sony sent us a Cease and Desist Anti-Piracy notice demanding we remove them.” has a few details on what’s happening at the set, and for those of you still in the dark about the story, a short plot summary:

Currently shooting in Vancouver, a first look at Underworld: New Dawn has hit in the form of behind-the-scenes photos, courtesy of Vancouver is Awesome.

Though Kate Beckinsale returns to the franchise for this fourth outing, the woman pictured in the stunt harness below is her stunt double, tackling an armed leap from the Simon Fraser University Library, apparently doubling as an Antigen corporate building.

The plot, per the original article, is described as follows:

“Sorry readers, we were asked politely by Sony to remove the leaked plot details.”

Underworld: New Dawn is set for release on January 20, 2012 and is being directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein…

The office buildings and urban atmosphere is so much more realistic than the typical giant green environments where action usually takes place these days. So it’s pretty cool to watch people actually interacting with their environment for the film. Anyway, I’ve chosen some of my favorite photos from the huge collection of images, —that you can find here, –and put them in the small gallery above so you can peruse them at your leisure, dear readers. No sign of werewolf action yet, but if the photographers keep shooting this well, we can expect to see pictures of our favorite monsters any day now!



  1. Can’t wait for ‘Underworld: Resident Evil’…errr…I mean ‘New Dawn’…or will it be ‘New YAWN’?

    1. I would have said it differently but it would have the same meaning. Part 2 and 3 were already boring and I have small hopes for part 4.

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  4. Someone please tell me why in this bad series of films there is not even a female Lycan. How do I play these Lycan?? They breed like spores in the Warhammer orcs? Generally these American directors of films about werewolves always have a vision monotonous and mostly male or they are gay. I hope that this fourth episode someone to do something. However, I would say that this series is to say that trash is an understatement. I can not wait to see what filmmakers are creating sensible counter Christopher Smith and Bradley Rust Gray. And fortunately there are already several short films, TV series and film growth in female werewolves. These vampires woman I was really tired, we want beautiful women, but real, sensitive or bad, high or low, ebony or fair complexion, Caucasian or Asian, but we want the freedom expression of the female werewolves …

    1. I’m not quite sure whether you haven’t made some typos and so might mean something different but I thing I got it.
      There was one “female” Lycan in Rise of the Lycans. She was Lucian’s mother and was only seen for a few minutes at most. Some of the first generation Lycans probably were women but apart from the victims in Underworld 2 I saw none in human form so I can’t tell. However, there were no female second generation Lycans, which also stroke me as odd.
      As for most werewolves being male:
      Well I don’t know about the writers’ sexual preferences but I think your first suggestion about the monotonous vision is correct. Even in folklore the vast majority of werewolves were described as male and in werewolf-trials the accused were usually male, there were a few women and sometimes whole families but in general the werewolf was a lone man.
      Modern media usually portrays the same image; the average werewolf is male, buff and straight. There are some women but they are a clear minority and I think among them the most common depiction is as a femme fatale, aside from the “average” werewolf who would rather be rid of the condition (male and female).
      Male werewolves are than usually depicted as, at least physically, the stereotypical straight guy. Often there is also some sort of dichotomy between the soft human and the bloodthirsty werewolf but even then the werewolf is usually straight.
      Currently I can’t think of a single gay or bisexual one from film or television. There are some books and short stories, as well as some fan fiction. It would be surprising if there aren’t at least a handful of LGBT werewolves in movies and shows but I can’t think of any (that includes men and women). So I am pretty sure that the current male/female ration among werewolves has nothing to do with the writers being gay.

  5. I agree with you. The speech that I do is simply a matter that is already discounting. Fortunately it is expanding the discourse on the nature of animal that hides in a human being, whether male or female. That is a lot more love werewolves against vampires. I find them a metaphor for man’s existence on earth, the double nature, the battle between light and shadow. This feature of the werewolf makes a fighter, and moves on two levels: light and shadow. The werewolf is a human being with his faults, his sins. In short, the nature of the human being tainted by original sin. The vampire however, has a more demonic. Its natural habitat is the shadow. He is hiding, hovering like a ghost and does not move on multiple dimensions. Its size is the concealment and shade. It ‘just that what he does not bear relation to werewolf. It is the one that sucks the vitality from the body, looks like an angel, but in fact is a representation of the fallen. So in summary, my split is Belial = vampire, werewolf = Adam and Eve. Your concept of the boy or girl of good cheer, but that brings, despite being good people, they hide in if the potential for transformation that can come out is just what I say.
    The werewolf is not a perfect person, but fights against his nature, and when a human tries to behave like a civilized person in a society just by werewolves (person / sin / redemption / light and shadow) and vampires (demons / damnation / shame / concealment / pride / darkness).
    We know that vampires are superior in intelligence from the werewolf, but this is the metaphor between the devil and human being. It ‘s the kind that goes well. The vampire goes around only at night, does not like the light. The werewolf turns during the day instead. The human being is like that, it is not perfect, has flaws is better than none and that’s what this culture does not accept. If you notice, culture vampires like best, not surprisingly there are many more movies about them. The vampire is the model of perfection outside, but inside is a dead man is not dead. He is the proud, the beautiful, the powerful, who will not bend and never to live feeds on the blood of others. He is the one who tells the werewolf: <>. Instead, if we look good status symbol these two creatures, we see clearly that he who is worse off it is the vampire (that is, the devil / the proud / the accuser / the damned forever, but is smarter than the werewolf). Unfortunately this is what fascinates most of this creature of the night, alas. The condition of the latter is hell. The vampire is the damn thing, without the light, he who is ashamed to walk in the sun, is the slave of darkness. The werewolf is a human being in the fullness of its beautiful nature but is tainted by evil and could always come out and that’s what differentiates him from the vampire. Yes, it occasionally becomes (a condition of sin), but God forgives him as it is and always has the chance to redeem himself and returned to normal and this is what the vampire (the devil) can not stand, that he should be humbled by a creature beneath him. So there are good werewolves and werewolves brutalized, but this is beautiful because it is a metaphor for human life and his battle against sin.
    So, strength and courage my dear friends werewolves, none of you is a vampire. Men & Women = werewolf, vampire and demon = damn = life werewolf, vampire = eternal damnation. This is the true metaphor for these two creature always fight. If you like vampires, werewolves are just enslaved by the vampires, if you’re proud of your nature and acceptance, werewolves are free and strong. The problem is that there is someone who does not accept his own nature and sometimes deny, but it’s like to rebel against God and nature, and become slaves to be smarter and enemies of us whose very nature is evil and therefore do not love.
    I love making these beautiful chats

    1. I think you should really research abit more on werewolves and vampires. The average werewolf in folklore kept his human intelligence even if he wasn’t physically stronger or bigger than an average wolf.

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