The Fallen Blade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood

While writing for on upcoming vampire books I came across a vampire book that also features werewolves. Now, I’m sure that all of you prefer werewolf books over vampire ones, but it’s not often a period book with werewolves in it comes along, so I bring you The Fallen Blade: Act One of the Assassini by award-winning author Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

“Venice in the early fifteenth century is at the height of its power. In theory Duke Marco commands. But Marco is a simpleton so his aunt and uncle rule in his stead. Within the Serene Republic, their word is law, but for all their influence, Venice’s fate still lies in other hands . . .

Lady Giulietta is the Duke’s cousin. She enjoys greater privilege than many can even dream of, but her status will demand a terrible price.

Atilo Il Mauros is head of the Assassini, the shadow army that enforces Venice’s will – both at home and abroad.

Prince Leopold zum Bas Friedland is the bastard son of the German emperor and leader of the krieghund – the only force in Venice more feared than Atilo’s assassins.

And then there is Atilo’s angel-faced apprentice. Only a boy, Tycho is already stronger and faster than any man has a right to be. He can see in the dark, but sunlight burns him. It is said that he drinks blood.

Award-winning author Jon Courtenay Grimwood seamlessly blends history, politics and dark fantasy in a compelling vision of a Venice that might have been.”

I know I know, there is no mention of werewolves in that description, but according to Powell’s Books’ review, “Grimwood shifts from alternate reality SF (End of the World Blues) to alternate history fantasy, exploring a Renaissance Venice in which witches, werewolves, and vampires get drawn into the inevitable court intrigues.”

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

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    1. Sacred Book? I’ll have to go looking for that one…

      I’m hesitant though to consider this series, as one book series, Anita Blake ended up falling short of my expectations. Other books such as Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld Series are okay… then you have Patricia Brigg’s Alpha & Omega and Mercy Thompson book, along with Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series.

      Brigg’s and Vaughn’s books have been good as they’ve managed to keep more of an Urban Fantasy feel with action going then outright romance.

      1. I loved Anita Blake in the beginning, now the books are pure trash. It’s disappointing – the author should have ended it while it was still good, instead of dragging it along.

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