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The Eyepatch Connection

It’s because TWIN PEAKS looms so large in my mind and heart that I forget. Actor Everett McGill will always be Big Ed Hurley to me, but before he was Big Ed he was in DUNE, and he was the evil Reverend Lester Lowe in SILVER BULLET; that is to say, he was the werewolf. He even performed most of his own stunts while wearing the werewolf suit after the guy who was hired to do it proved unsatisfactory to the film’s producer. I always seem to forget his place in werewolf film history, with it being eclipsed (ahem) by his role in TWIN PEAKS. (He was also in Wes Craven’s THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS in 1991, fresh off the second season of TWIN PEAKS.)

Rewatching SILVER BULLET the other night, a possible connection, one that had never occurred to me, flickered into being as the metaphorical lightbulb over my head. In SILVER BULLET Reverend Lowe loses an eye after the kid star shoots him, while in werewolf form, in the face with a bottle rocket. (The preacher is in werewolf form, not the kid). In TWIN PEAKS, Big Ed’s wife, Nadine, also has lost an eye and wears an eyepatch. Coincidence? Or was David Lynch, creator of TWIN PEAKS, a SILVER BULLET fan, and the eyepatch an homage?

The Evil Cheezman • September 26, 2019

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