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The Evolution of the Serial Killer

Whence came the first serial killer? I expect there is no real answer to that question. Our bestial forbears, little chimpanzee-like hominids, likely had amongst their number a shaggy brute who killed just for the pleasure of the act, and did so repeatedly. That would qualify as a serial killer. Don’t believe it could have happened? Chimpanzees display such behavior today. Cannibalism, infanticide, killing for the sake of killing: they’re bloodthirsty brutes. BEDTIME FOR BONZO notwithstanding.

But who was the first HUMAN serial killer? Likewise I expect the answer to that question is lost to history. We can’t even say for certain who the first RECORDED human serial killer was. Historian Peter Vronsky, who has written a book entitled SONS OF CAIN: A HISTORY OF SERIAL KILLERS FROM THE STONE AGE TO THE PRESENT (GREAT title!), attempts to pin it down on, though. Vronsky says that it all began in the Stone Age. “When food was scarce…we sometimes combined what we killed in fear and anger with what we killed for food, and sometimes even with what we had sex with. In times of distress, combat, conquest or famine, our species easily slipped into a mindless, instinctual cocktail of sexualized aggression, cannibalism and necrophilia.” Just like chimpanzees.

The Evil Cheezman • October 14, 2018

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