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The Different Types of Shifting

Sure, werewolves can do lots of stuff. But can they do anything other than shift shape? I mean really, when you consider all that is in a werewolf’s realm of abilities, simply turning from man to wolf and back again can become quite boring. So, what else can they do? There are actually lots of different ways that werewolves can shift including non-lucid shifting and shifting out of one’s body. Here are the nine most common types of shifting and what they’re all about.

Sense Shifting – This happens when in human form however, senses become sharp and wolf-like. This usually only affects one or two senses at a time but it can be more.

Wild Shifting – This shifting also happens when in human form and is when the werewolf will become crazy, ‘wild’, and uncontrollable. The wolf will not be able to control his/her own actions, and may involuntarily growl or bare their teeth.

Non-Lucid Shifting – This type of shifting happens when the werewolf is dreaming and the person actually does change into a werewolf. However, the wolf has no idea this is happening and so has no control over their actions.

Lucid Dream Shifting – This differs from non-lucid shifting because, while the werewolf still changes into a werewolf while they are dreaming, they are aware of what is happening and able to control what they do.

Astral Shifting – This is when the werewolf comes out of the body and actually shifts onto a different astral plane. This is different from lucid dream shifting because the werewolf will shift to somewhere such as into past worlds, or other worlds where past loved ones may have gone when they died.

Mental Shifting – Mental shifting is actually something that many werewolves can do. This is the simple ability to shut out all human activity happening around in order to fully heighten all of the senses. This can be done when a werewolf is searching out prey, or something that may be of danger to them. Although it’s a fairly common ability, it still takes a good deal of concentration and focus.

Phantom Shift – A phantom shift is one of the most interesting types of shifts. This shift occurs when a werewolf is in human form and is experiencing something so close to resembling a shift that they need to check that they aren’t actually changing. The feeling of changing may even be so strong that the werewolf might check for fur. Of course, there will be none there – if it really is a phantom shift.

Auric Shifting – This type of shifting is done when the werewolf needs to change the aura that surrounds them. While the physical form of the werewolf, whether human or wolf, will stay the same, the aura around them will change. This is mostly used when a werewolf senses that they are in danger.

Physical Shifting – This of course, is the most common and well-known. It’s the act of a human turning into the form of a wolf, therefore becoming a werewolf.

Of course, not all werewolves will have all, or even any, of these abilities. But some of them are quite common so the possibility is quite good that a werewolf has the ability to shift in a number of different ways.

– Kate

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kate • February 15, 2010

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