The Devil’s Promise

Gather ‘round boys and gals, I have a story for you.
It was once believed that to become a werewolf you needed something known as a wolf-strap. Anyone that fastened this wolf-strap around their waist would instantly turn into a wolf. But if someone were to call out the name of the person that had turned into a wolf that person would suddenly regain their human form.

It was said that a wolf-strap was a gift from the Devil and that a person that possessed such a gift could never get rid of it, no mater how hard they may try. Anyone so weak as to accept the Devil’s wolf-strap would find themselves surrendering body and soul to him. The price of werewolfism was in their eyes, eternal damnation.

And now for our story…

About sixty years ago in Alt-Marrin, Poland lived a man named Gust K. and he was lucky enough (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) to own a wolf-strap. Unfortunately, with this he brought about loads of chaos and misery to the small town.

One day his strap was finally taken from him with the plan of having it burned. Three times the baking oven was heated up, and three times the strap was thrown into the hungry fire, but each time it jumped back out of the flames. So then they attempted to destroy it with water, but of course that didn’t do the job either.

When the wretched Gust K. died, the pastor at Alt-Marrin could not finish the Lord’s Prayer, and so they called on the pastor from Fritzow. This new pastor not only sent Gust K. on but also managed to burn up the wolf-strap, crying “Away, away with it!” as the flames turned it to nothing more than ash.

Then came the task of burying Gust K. and forgetting all about him and his horrendous deeds. But when they tried to lower him into the earth they discovered the grave opening was too small, so the pallbearers had to jump up and down on his corpse to stuff it into the hole. For a long time after the fact there was always a hole in his grave mound. But eventually grass grew over the hole, covering up all traces of Gust K. and the memory of his sinful wolf-strap.

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  1. Hi love this legend is there a summoning ritual/spell connected with it. saw the company of wolves flick recently the devil was giving away a potion in that one.

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