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The Deadly Anspach Werewolf

Today, Dear Readers, we are traveling back in time. We are going hundreds of years into the past, back when the belief in werewolves was very real. A time when villagers hid in their homes, fearing that a ferocious and horrific werewolf would rip them to shreds. Today I am telling the tale of the Anspach Werewolf, a beast that terrified an entire town.

This chilling werewolf case took place in a time when werewolves were not only believed to exist, but when they were thought to have been a recently dead person who returned as one of the undead in the form of a wolf.

In 1685, the inhabitants of Anspach (now known as Ansbach), Germany  were plagued by a terrifying werewolf that had killed a number of women, children, and domestic animals. The victims were discovered ripped to bloody shreds, completely torn apart with bits of their flesh partly devoured. The werewolf was believed to have been the town’s hated and recently deceased Burgomeister or master of the town.

A great hunt was then arranged and the murderous wolf was chased, caught and killed. The townsmen then took the wolf’s bloodied carcass, dressed in a flesh-colored suit, and adorned its head with a mask, wig and beard, giving the dead werewolf the appearance of the Burgomeister. Later the dressed up carcass of the beast was displayed as a werewolf in a museum to prove that werewolves did indeed exist and that people should be fearful.

Now, was the beast of Anspach truly a werewolf? Or, was it simply the case of a regular wolf and the overactive imaginations of the townsmen? Who knows.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • May 17, 2012

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