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Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Every storyteller knows this.

There was this silent film entitled FURY OF THE DEMON. The film is now considered lost, as are so many of those magnificent old silent movies. In this case, though, it may be for the best that the film is no longer extant. Reportedly, it drives people who watch it insane. Because it has a curse on it. Not quite completely “Lost,” a few prints, or just one print, survives. This print was screened in 2012 in Paris. Audience members went berserk and started attacking each other. The same thing had happened at the first official showing of the film in 1897. Then, in 1939, the movie was shown as part of a double-feature with Tod Browning’s MIRACLES FOR SALE (Browning’s last picture). Once again, madness overtook the crowd and people started trying to kill each other. A documentary film, also entitled FURY OF THE DEMON, was released a few years ago, chronicling the original “cursed” film, which has been credited to the genius George Melies, a man who could honestly be called the Father of Cinema.

Here’s the rub: FURY OF THE DEMON, the original one, may not have ever existed at all. It could all be a magnificent case of Barnum-esque ballyhoo.

Okay, now I have to seek out this film. Or both of them.

The Evil Cheezman • September 28, 2018

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