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The CRITTERS Are Returning–To TV!

I love the Critters, despite the fact that their movies have all been lousy. And not fun-lousy. Lousy-lousy. I have long yearned for a Critters revamp, handled responsibly. I’ve waited and waited to see the Critters done right, to see a GOOD bad movie. Now it appears my wish may have been granted. It won’t be as a new big-budget theatrical film, though, as I’d originally wished. Or even a new low-budget direct-to-video. It’s going to be as a TELEVISION SERIES! They’re calling it CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE. It isn’t a revamp, though, so much as a continuation of the film series, with the Critters returning to Earth to look for a lost member of their fanged and furry family.

What gives me hope, though, that this upcoming series may actually be GOOD, or bad but in a good way, is that Jordan Rubin, Al Kaplan, and Jon Kaplan will be in charge, writing and producing, with Rubin serving as director. If those names aren’t immediately recognizable to you, they are the geniuses behind 2014’s brilliant tongue-in-cheek insta-classic ZOMBEAVERS. I couldn’t have handpicked a better bunch of folks to take over the celluloid exploits of the Critters. If anybody can give me the Critters movie–I mean, the Critters TV series–that I’ve dreamed of, it’s these guys.

The Evil Cheezman • January 16, 2018

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