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The Creepy Tale of Skinwalker Ranch

You’ve gotta know that with a name like “Skinwalker Ranch” bad things are bound to happen. And this tale is as creepy as it sounds. And, it’s as recent as 1994 although where exactly Skinwalker Ranch is is exactly is unknown.

It was in 1994 that a farmer bought a ranch for himself, his wife, and his two children. When they moved in everything including all the doors, cupboards, and windows had all been bolted shut. The farmer found at both ends of the house large iron stakes and heavy chains. From the markings on the land, the farmer also thought the previous owners must have had guard dogs settled there but he couldn’t be sure why.

The day that the family were moving their things into the house, they saw a large wolf out in the pasture in the back of the house. At first wary, the family remained where they were, waiting to see what the wolf would do. The wolf in turn, walked slowly towards them. As he got closer, he became very friendly and started nudging their hands so they could pet him. And they did. Having just been wandering out in the rain, the family recalled that while they were petting the wolf, he smelled of wet dog.

After a few minutes of befriending the family, the wolf made its way over to the cow corral and grabbed a calf by its neck. The wolf then proceeded to try and pull the calf through the rails of the corral. The farmer ran over to the wolf and started beating on its back to try and force it off the calf. But that proved useless quite quickly. The farmer then grabbed his rifle and shot at the wolf. But that also had no effect.

The farmer fired a second shot into the wolf. At that point, the wolf released the calf and stood looking at the family, unfazed. Not knowing what else to do, the farmer fired two more shots into the wolf who then staggered back a bit but still seemed to remain uninjured. Getting a step closer, and choosing a slightly larger gun, the farmer shot the wolf a final time at very close range. He knew this was enough ammo to take down an animal twice this size. This shot didn’t really injure the wolf any. Although a chunk of his hair and skin did end up flying off. The farmer shot one more time at which point, the wolf retreated back into the woods.

The farmer followed the wolf’s paw prints for some time before they seemed to virtually disappear into thin air. The farmer analyzed the hair and skin when he came back from trying to track the wolf and said that it smelled of rotting meat. Over the next two years, several other weird and scary things would happen.

The farmer’s wife said she saw a wolf once that was so large it stood as tall as the top of her car. She also claimed that this wolf was accompanied by a creature that looked like a dog but that she couldn’t be sure what it was. Another time, a visitor to the site was meditating when they noticed a “blurry” object running through the woods. The man who witnessed it said that he couldn’t be sure what it was but that it was very fast, covering 100 yards in mere seconds. He also said that as it approached, it gave a ferocious howl that could not be described as bear, but not as anything smaller either.

Where exactly is Skinwalker Ranch? I’m not sure, I couldn’t find an exact location in my research. But then again, maybe we’re all better off not knowing….

– Kate

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kate • January 11, 2010

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