The Creepy Tale of Skinwalker Ranch

You’ve gotta know that with a name like “Skinwalker Ranch” bad things are bound to happen. And this tale is as creepy as it sounds. And, it’s as recent as 1994 although where exactly Skinwalker Ranch is is exactly is unknown.

It was in 1994 that a farmer bought a ranch for himself, his wife, and his two children. When they moved in everything including all the doors, cupboards, and windows had all been bolted shut. The farmer found at both ends of the house large iron stakes and heavy chains. From the markings on the land, the farmer also thought the previous owners must have had guard dogs settled there but he couldn’t be sure why.

The day that the family were moving their things into the house, they saw a large wolf out in the pasture in the back of the house. At first wary, the family remained where they were, waiting to see what the wolf would do. The wolf in turn, walked slowly towards them. As he got closer, he became very friendly and started nudging their hands so they could pet him. And they did. Having just been wandering out in the rain, the family recalled that while they were petting the wolf, he smelled of wet dog.

After a few minutes of befriending the family, the wolf made its way over to the cow corral and grabbed a calf by its neck. The wolf then proceeded to try and pull the calf through the rails of the corral. The farmer ran over to the wolf and started beating on its back to try and force it off the calf. But that proved useless quite quickly. The farmer then grabbed his rifle and shot at the wolf. But that also had no effect.

The farmer fired a second shot into the wolf. At that point, the wolf released the calf and stood looking at the family, unfazed. Not knowing what else to do, the farmer fired two more shots into the wolf who then staggered back a bit but still seemed to remain uninjured. Getting a step closer, and choosing a slightly larger gun, the farmer shot the wolf a final time at very close range. He knew this was enough ammo to take down an animal twice this size. This shot didn’t really injure the wolf any. Although a chunk of his hair and skin did end up flying off. The farmer shot one more time at which point, the wolf retreated back into the woods.

The farmer followed the wolf’s paw prints for some time before they seemed to virtually disappear into thin air. The farmer analyzed the hair and skin when he came back from trying to track the wolf and said that it smelled of rotting meat. Over the next two years, several other weird and scary things would happen.

The farmer’s wife said she saw a wolf once that was so large it stood as tall as the top of her car. She also claimed that this wolf was accompanied by a creature that looked like a dog but that she couldn’t be sure what it was. Another time, a visitor to the site was meditating when they noticed a “blurry” object running through the woods. The man who witnessed it said that he couldn’t be sure what it was but that it was very fast, covering 100 yards in mere seconds. He also said that as it approached, it gave a ferocious howl that could not be described as bear, but not as anything smaller either.

Where exactly is Skinwalker Ranch? I’m not sure, I couldn’t find an exact location in my research. But then again, maybe we’re all better off not knowing….

– Kate


  1. freaking cool.”Even standing on all four legs it was taller than a man.”i want to check out that Skinwalker Ranch sometime.was it given the name before or after the wolves?i wonder.

  2. The Skinwalker Ranch is not even close to Saltlake City it is close to a small city called Altamont out in the Uinta Basin and a lot more has happend out there then just that. Read the book by Colm A. Kelleher, PhD. and George Knapp it will give you an idea of whats been happening out there for a long time over a 100 years

  3. people also say they see ufos there but realy fast,imune-to-bullits,giant wolves are sooo much cooler.i dont like aliens,but I LOVE REALY FAST,GIANT WOLVES!!!if you know what i mean:)

  4. Yes I know what you meen. I love wolves there speed and cunning and there power. But it is interesting that the local vet was told by the goverment company that bought the place that if there were anymore mutalations turned in to him he was to call them and keep quite about it the storie ran in the local paper once and then nothing more was said about it in the paper

  5. some native american tribes believed they were desended from wolves.skinwalkers turn into wolves but can turn into any animal to protect the 5th grade we watched this video about this girl.she went into the forest and she found her grandfather doing an indian ceramony wolves were sitting around him.he then turned into a giant wolf himself,he was a skinwalker.the girl screamed and fainted.when she woke her grandfather told her what she saw,she never became a skinwalker herself.maybe only boys can turn into wolves.i’v never seen a woman skinwalker,have you?

  6. If you guys listen to coast to coast about the ranch you will hear many other crazy stories. its a radio station for the paranormal.
    You can listen to there cds on
    just type in coast to coast skinwalker ranch

  7. skinwalker ranch isnt anywhere near salt lake r altamont its on the back road 2 randlett from gusher i shud know i was born and raised on that rez…

  8. I’ve been to skinwalker ranch and I have to admit it is pretty freaky! At night all you herd were wolves or coytes howling all through the night nonstop. Some of you peeps that read my message might or might not belive what im about to say but when i was visiting my uncle at skinwalker ranch my uncle and i went outside cuz we herd a strange scream or howl. We don’t know how to describe it but we had to go to the police station cuz it was getting louder and closer. So me and my uncle got the keys to his truck and went to the police station. On our way we saw a strange old lady that look like a native american crossing the road. So my uncle stoped the car and asked her if she needed a ride to her house. but when she turned around she looked so scary cuz all around her mouth was coverd with blood and her teeth look like dog teeth. so my uncle started his car and took off. A few minutes later rite before we entered the police station we saw a strange looking creature rite infront of us and my uncle hit it with the car. When he got down to check what it was it disapeard and it wasn’t there. So yeah this is what happened to me at skinwalker ranch. and my uncle no longer lives there cuz someone or something broke into his ranch and my uncles body was never found. So who ever goes to skinwalker ranch look out for the monster.

  9. never go to the ranch.never be go you die. if you even get there dont take it like a movie. i know enough about skinwalkers, to tell you they hate people, they are jeoules o`f what we have. listen to the warning beause i’ am telling the truth wiches do exist and they are they. if anythng is bette is to be wise, and to be wise is to survive.

  10. Skinwalker ranch or Sherman ranch as its also called, was a testing zone for biological weapons including missile testing. Rumors that the Science department they they tested on animals, mice, cats and cows. It is also a place where alot of U.F.O sightings are seen. It’s still closed off till this day. It has been known as the ‘AREA 51 OF UTAH’.

  11. Skinwalker can go into an animals in the earth.My friend said that when you see an U.F.O you can find bigfoot.

  12. Ace, skinwalker ranch is nowhere close to SLC, it’s more around 150 miles east of it, closer to the Colorado border, by Roosevelt and Vernal, I live in Roosevelt, and my grandpa has land that shares two borders with it.

  13. It’s closest to fort duchesne, and lake bottle hollow, nowhere near SLC, and Altamont is on the opposite side of Roosevelt. Not by the ranch.

  14. Basically the native americans keep this alive. Actually activity at the ranch has died down to almost nil. I think because many native americans have moved away or died away as well as the fact that most of the youth today have other things to do than ‘think’ all day about the legends and spirits. Back before all this technology/internet/games.all they had were their stories and keeping the spirits alive by focusing on them daily and living in fear of them daily. It’s true “the saying”.. “What you think about, you bring about”. The native americans cursed this land with the skinwalker spirits.. ever since then they “say: that they dare not speak or even think about it, but they do, you cannot help it. They actually think and talk about spirits and other things on a daily basis.. They know they shouldn’t do this for a good reason.. because It’s the energy of their belief that keeps this the skinwalkers alive. Collective thoughts (not just a few peoples thoughts) give the beings/energies power. They ARE created by their thoughts. Every “true” eyewitness account can be explained by your typical poltergiest activity or orbs that are spirits and then they manifest into whatever they want. The strange thing is the fact that these native american spirits who take the form of wolves think that they still need to eat. They enjoy the kill I guess. These native american indians need to stop living in fear of the skinwalkers but band together and create a strong energy field that fights against the skinwalker.. it can be done.. these native americans need to STOP living in fear like that..that is the only way they will rid that land of the negative energies.. A well known psychic once said that “we create the bigfoots and other creatures in this world with our thoughts” (like bigfoots). I didn’t understand it when she said it but now I do. If there are enough people out there who think the same (like the native americans folklores).. that energy collects, therefore creating the creatures. That ranch boggled my mind at first.. Now I am pretty sure I know what the truths are about the place. The fact is that most info out there that you read is not true. Facts from the people who lived there like the Shermans.. those are true..

  15. Activity is not nil. You won’t die if you go there, just go during the daytime as the night will play tricks on you; especially by the lake! And nobody is allowed to “just visit” the ranch, especially their uncles on it, so please be cautious of what stories you choose to believe

  16. Only 50% of these comments have truth. Ohio? Iowa? Try northeast Utah. One Native American myth states “skinwalkers” are female only (Navajo I believe). Not my strong suit. Local vet story – true. What is true; my brother HAD to make a trip there and we have not seen him since. That is something I would like explained, even if he was just shot on site, but that story has never been offered up. The most common answer; nobody recognized his picture, nobody had ever seen him or his 2 companions, EVER in the vicinity of the ranch. I do know he was an outdoorsman and semi-survivalist, so I cannot disbelieve that they went somewhere they shouldn’t have to try and camp for the night. Hmmm. I advise stay away; go during the day, take a pic of the gate and travel with a group. Do not swim there either!

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