The Craven Cut

The most obvious comparison is the situation with the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, the one done by Joss Whedon to less than enthusiastic reception and the original, which is now being finished by the original director Zack Snyder. But it also makes me think of what happened with the fourth EXORCIST movie, where there are actually two fourth EXORCIST movies. Where they filmed one, then some suit in an office decided he didn’t like it so they scrapped it and brought in somebody else to film an entirely different one.

It seems that Wes Craven’s fun but imperfect CURSED suffered from similar tampering from similar suits in offices. It seems that Craven had practically completed one movie, then somebody pulled the plug and they created a completely different movie with the same title. With the success of the fanboy demands to let Zack Snyder finish his movie, a new movement is picking up steam calling for a release of Craven’s original version of CURSED. I’d sure like to see it. The problem is that, unlike what is happening now with Snyder and JUSTICE LEAGUE, Wes is no longer with us to oversee the completion of any such hypothetical release.

The biggest transgression committed by the suit in the office is that they chose not to use the design for the werewolf created by Rick Baker and instead went with CGI. The werewolf in the CURSED we saw looked cool—but damn, check out that all-practical design created by Baker! (That’s it at the head of this article.) That is the werewolf we could have had!

By The Evil Cheezman

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