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The Christmas Werewolf

The “rules” in the folklore regarding the means by which a person could become cursed (or as some would see it, blessed) with Lycanthropy are anything but consistent. There is no one true path, no single means by which it can be accomplished. That’s the cool thing about folklore—maybe I should capitalize that—Folklore—it is a living thing, growing, changing with time. New myths become absorbed into old ones, swallowed, synthesized. Long before there were such things as the concept of “cultural appropriation” and post-modernist idealistic crybabies to rail against it, Folklore was a melting pot of ideas and beliefs, a rich tapestry constantly incorporating new threads.

(Note: As with all things, the concept of political correctness started out as one thing but degenerated into something else in the hands of the extremists; cultural appropriation, the stealing from one culture by another of things sacred to the first but used flippantly by the latter, is a bad thing. We shouldn’t do that. But when you’ve got morons on social media bitching because a little white girl wanted to dress up as Mulan for Halloween—because she *likes* Mulan, not because she wanted to mock her—you know the extremist idiots have seized the steering wheel of a concept.)

So how does one, or could one, become a werewolf, according to Folklore? Aside from the given, a pact with the Devil, a hapless victim might fall asleep in the light of the moon. That might do it. Drinking rainwater from the paw print of a wolf is more likely to succeed. One could be born with the caul, or be the seventh son born into a family. Oh, and if you were born on Christmas Day, you were in danger of becoming a werewolf, because such a birth was seen as an affront to Jesus Christ. (The Lord wasn’t actually born on Christmas Day, but that didn’t factor into the myth.) Remember Leon in CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF was born on Christmas Day. But then Leon had the deck stacked against him, anyway; no way was he *not* going to end up a werewolf.

The Evil Cheezman • January 1, 2019

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