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The Black Wolf of the Everglades

One of the shows I recorded (and only recently got around to watching) from this year’s MONSTER WEEK on Animal Planet was an episode of “Extinct or Alive”. On the show, scientist-slash-host Forrest Galante leads a film crew around searching for living animals officially declared extinct, and in this particular episode he was down in Florida, in the Everglades, in search of the Floridian Black Wolf. He might have even found evidence that the beast is still alive, in the form of some heat-image nighttime photography. I sure hope so.

Here’s the problem: the sightings that led Galante to go to the Sunshine State in the first place were not of a Black Wolf. Rather people reported seeing a black PANTHER. I have explained before why black panthers should not exist in the United States. “Panther” is just a catch-all term. There really is no such species as “panther.” When we see black panthers on TV and in the movies, what we are really seeing are either black LEOPARDS or black JAGUARS. Neither of these kinds of animals lives in Florida. And while it is possible that there could be a melanistic COUGAR, aka Florida Panther, the odds against such an animal surviving to adulthood in the wild are a gazillion to one. AGAINST. In other words, this is an ABC. (Alien Big Cat.) This doesn’t mean that the Black Wolf hasn’t survived its official extinction, only that the Everglades might be home to both the relic canine species as well as some ABCs.

The Evil Cheezman • July 3, 2018

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