The Big Werewolf Wedding on “The Originals”

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! …” 

If you’ve been avoiding The Vampire Diaries spin-off series, The Originals because you thought it was all about vampires and their crap, then you are missing out. The Originals actually deals quite a bit with werewolves, werewolf-vampire hybrids, and their own politics; interacting with and constantly staying on their toes is required, since they have to mess around with vampires all the time. And not just any vampires, but crazy old powerful “original” vampires.

Hayley and Jackson for example, are getting married for strategic reasons, –but Hayley wonders if there might actually be love between them. But then again, could it just be convenience? Check out the questions, and the answers, in the article, by clicking through to the source.

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