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The Big Werewolf War in Eclipse: Sneak Peek!

Yeah yeah, I know werewolf fans everywhere are usually aghast at the idea of werewolves in the Twilight Saga, but hey, –I’ve seen it, and I’m impressed, personally. Though, they aren’t really werewolves as we traditionally see them; they’re sort of shapeshifters. The werewolves in Twilight are a little similar to the whole shapeshifter culture that you might encounter in True Blood; ‘shifters’ dislike werewolves, in True Blood. While in the Twilight Saga, the werewolves are really just larger than life wolves. While on one hand, it’s nice to see more “wolf” in the creature, it’s easy to see how horror lovers want more gore, and less lore.

There’s a new sneak preview of the Eclipse film out there, driving Team Jacob crazy. Don’t bother searching Google, –the most popular video result is only about three minutes long. We have one that’s almost seven minutes long.

As for the question posed in Celebs-Gather, over who Bella will choose, –pretty much everyone who watches the movies has read the series about nine million times. And his name is “Taylor Lautner”, Lautner being the surname. Duh. But kudos for having the awesome video.

The longer video has more cast input from Eclipse, more scenes from the film, and more behind the scenes footage as well; the post in Celebs-Gather also includes a deleted scene from New Moon, –though, it kind of sucks. There was like, a solid 60 seconds of totally unnecessary conversation. Kind of easy to see why it was deleted in the first place. The DVD issued from Target includes a ton of extra features, including deleted scenes, and a bunch of other featurettes, while Best Buy competes with.. packaging.

Fans of 30 Days of Night will appreciate the next film in the saga a bit more knowing that the director of 30 Days, David Slade, has taken on Eclipse, and plans to turn it into a much more violent, action packed film than its predecessors.

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annimi • March 25, 2010

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