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The Big Bad Wolf from Wolf’s

Last week I reported on the resurrection of Wolf’s Museum of Mystery. After a horrendous fire destroyed most of their artifacts and exhibits (and tragically killed numerous pets), Wolf and Ali Mertz purchased a historic, decommissioned church building in Friendship (formerly Bloody Corners) New York. Along with the few pieces that managed to survive the fire, when they purchased the new building, which had been operating as an antiques store, they acquired all the inventory from that business, too. This will make for a healthy foundation to begin to rebuild the Museum of Mystery.

I bought this antique cloth doll from Wolf and Ali. It isn’t one of the pieces that survived the fire; it was a part of the new collection, the stuff they got when they bought the new building. It reminded me of a similar doll I had seen in my childhood, one that belonged to my grandmother. It’s a “flip” doll.

It’s Little Red Riding Hood, but then you turn it upside down and flip the dress down and it becomes her grandmother, on one side, and the Wolf on the other.

I saw it and knew I had to have it.

Check out some of the other sweet stuff the Mertzes have for sale by clicking here.

The Evil Cheezman • July 26, 2019

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