‘The Big Bad’ Impresses Audiences Nationwide

There’s a new indie werewolf flick that is swooping in and dominating the competition at virtually every film festival it shows at, a film titled The Big Bad.

Plot description from The Big Bad website:

“A loner named Frankie enters a bar in a nowhere town, looking for a man no one seems to know… until a chance meeting in the ladies’ room with an ill-tempered local lets Frankie know she’s in the right place. Frankie befriends this disturbed barfly and discovers they were both screwed over by the same man: Fenton Bailey.

Their bonding is cut short, however, when Frankie shares a secret that pushes her new friend over the edge, throwing Frankie face-first into a world where she doesn’t belong.

Frankie knows a bit too much about Fenton for her own good, and there are those who plan on keeping her from ever finding him. But Frankie is far more determined than expected.

Her journey turns into a non-stop grotesque battle for revenge… and somebody ain’t getting out alive.”

I know there is no mention of werewolves in the description, but I assure you, it has werewolves.

When director Bryan Enk was asked why he made a werewolf film, he answered “Werewolves present something of simplicity and purity to the conflict of a horror film. The werewolf is ultimately the embodiment of our potential for rage and violence, and that automatically makes for the opportunity for some really exciting action. And for something like THE BIG BAD, the werewolf brings something of a fairy tale quality to the story, a sense of myth and legend that you might not get as much with other monsters.”

Check out The Big Bad website HERE. The awards page is pretty impressive for an indie horror film. It even won an award here in my hometown (yay Grand Rapids).

Here’s The Big Bad trailer:

The Big Bad – Official Trailer from gotta/enk on Vimeo.

What do you guys think? Does is sound like a film you’d like to see?

– Moonlight

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